Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ruby Restaurant @ Sibu

We went to one of the most sought after restaurants at Sibu, Ruby Restaurant, for Fathers' Day two weeks back. Before I went there, I heard a lot of good comments on the menu and food at Ruby Restaurant. So, with so much anticipation, I went there just a day before Fathers' Day to book for a table for 8 people.

Upon getting there, the restaurant owner advised us to make our order beforehand so that food could be served faster the day after. I ordered...

  • Nam Lu Pork

  • Lemon Chicken

  • Pandan Chicken

  • Stir Fry Paku Pakis

  • Fried Cangkuk Manis with Egg

  • Stir Fry Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish

  • Fish and Vegetable Stew

  • Shanghai Tofu

  • Altogether, I ordered and reserved the above dishes. The owner said once an order has been placed, the availability of those dishes is there already. I thought at that time that their service was really good.

    So, we went there the next day straight at 7p.m. sharp for dinner. Once we got there, dad motioned for them to start serving. So, I ordered my drink...

    My sister and I ordered the same drink while for dad, mum and the rest, they ordered Chinese Tea. The lady owner before serving, came and told us, "Sorry, your order of Stir Fry Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish is no longer available because of insufficient order of Bean Sprouts."

    So, we opted for Stir Fry Baby Corns.

    See, they said one thing but they did another thing.

    The first dish was served shortly and we were eating as if we haven't eaten anything for 3 days...

    We waited for 5 minutes for the rice to be served but then, came 10 minutes... our shares of rice were not serves yet... Mum was a little irritated already at that time. So, we reminded the lady that we want some rice and the rice wasn't even served since 15 minutes ago. The lady apologized and ran down to get the rice.

    After the first dish, we settled down for a while to chit-chat with the relatives and cousins. I took a look at the time - 8 p.m. already and the second dish wasn't even out yet. I thought maybe it was due to Fathers' Day that the service was a little slow. So, we waited a while - 8.30 p.m. but still the second dish wasn't out yet.

    I was a little mad to be honest. Soon, the door was opened and the waitress came in with two dishes. I was pretty certain those two dishes were ours because we ordered...

    Sis was ready with her spoon and forks but then, those two dishes were served to the table behind us. We were shocked but those folks at the table behind looked surprised. A moment later, one of them stood up and went down. Soon, the lady owner came up and moved the two dishes to our table and apologized for the carelessness of the waitress.

    See what kinda service was that?

    After the two dishes came, the fourth, fifth and sixth were...

    By the time we finished these three dishes, it was already 10 p.m. and we still sat there and waited for our remaining two dishes. As the time came to 10.30 p.m. I came to realization that almost everyone in the restaurant left already. Dad was furious, so he went down to the reception counter to ask.

    Darn, the lady owner came up to us and said, "So sorry but did you order Lemon Chicken and Pandan Chicken? These two dishes were not in your list."

    Fuck la, we were so damn mad at that time already because we were the third table in the list and we were the last to finish!

    So, she asked if we still want the remaining two dishes or not. We agreed to it and ordered mee goreng as well because my sister was complaining that she was still hungry.

    By the time we finished our orders, it was already 11.15 p.m. and all of us were damn furious about the service that the restaurant offered.

    If you were to ask the price, I wouldn't say it's cheap comparing to other restaurants like Mum's Place (behind Methodist Secondary School) or Million's Cafe (Rejang Park). Dad paid RM154 for everything and I'd say it's kinda pricey.

    We used to go to Mum's Place, 10 of us and the food there is far, far better than those in Ruby Restaurant and we only paid like RM120++ inclusive of drinks.

    You decide.

    I wasn't very happy with Ruby Restaurant honestly.


    simply Ed said...

    ok the dishes does not look soo appetizing to me.

    Angel Valerie said...

    dont go there! it sucks!

    Dianne Tie said...

    from wat i noe the shop isnt open to 11.15PM.LOL.r u kidding?