Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LG KU990

LG KU990 was released on 27th of October 2007 in UK. It is also known as LG Viewty. I first seen this mobile during the launching of it last year but I don't quite remember when was it. I fell in love with it at the very first sight.

Okay, since you all know that I've already fallen in love with it, buy one for me!!!

The mobile looks sleek, elegant and high-class. Typical me being elegance conscious. It's like one of the thinnest mobile I've ever come across and I totally like it. It's way lighter and slimmer than my current N80.

I know I shouldn't complain so much about my current mobile because so far, my N80 serves me well and it doesn't give me troubles of repairing it to this very day from the date of purchase, that was on the 21st of May last year. Even though I've dropped it for countless times, still, the mobile is in good condition because it was protected by the cover.

~ The front view of LG KU990 ~

~ The back view of LG KU990 ~

For the keypad of the mobile, it's touch-screen mode. Basically, everything is in touch-screen mode for this mobile which is why I like it because I love everything "touch-screen," just like my Sony Cybershot DSC-T2.

For camwhores like me, there is nothing happier than having a camera phone of 5MP and above like what LG KU990 offers you. It comes with a front camera as well.

~ Can you see the descriptions of the camera? ~

Cool, right? I know it's cool, so you don't have to remind me because I've already fallen in love with it. With that, let me present to you some pictures taken with LG KU990's camera.

Nice or not? Lao niang thinks it's nice lor. It also has macro mode, just like my N80 although there are quite some criticisms regarding the camera of LG KU990 that it is badly affected by noises when zooming. Despite all those criticisms, I'd say the mobile still looks elegant to me.

You can even choose your most desirable colours from black to red to silver. Niceeeee... Buy one for me, please!

The BEST part is...

It is priced at RM1999 when I checked it out 2 weeks ago. Fuck laa... So expensive, how to buy? Even the cheapest is priced at around RM1700. If I could get it for RM1700, I'd rather buy a video camera or a DLSR with the money.

You see, this mobile doesn't support WLAN, in which, that means, I can't surf the internet wherever I am even though there is wireless service. It doesn't have infrared port even though we seldom use the port. And, and, and if you're careless enough and you spoil just the charger alone, then, deng, deng, deng... you've to fork out around RM300 just to get a new charger for your LG KU990.

Like that lao niang dies already lor...

But if this mobile comes to me as a present for whatever occasions, I'll still accept it. So, any kind souls out there?

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