Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sushi Station @ Sg. Wang

Craving Japanese buffet but can't afford Saisaki or Jogoya, in addition to that, you wanna go to other places besides Shogun?

No, not Sushi King as they don't have buffet. Consider going to Sushi Station instead. It's RM20++ cheaper than Saisaki and around RM40++ cheaper than Jogoya at Starhill.

Personally, I don't really like going to Sg. Wang because it's like jam-packed with people of all ages 24//7. No matter what day or time you're going to Sg. Wang, it's always crowded, so, if I could avoid, you wouldn't be able to see me there. But then, I can't deny the fact that stuffs sold in Sg. Wang are cheaper than elsewhere - even some of the food (exception for KFC or McD's).

After we found out that there is a Japanese Restaurant on the sixth floor of Sg. Wang, we were thrilled to go and try their food and since they serve buffet as well, we were more than happy. So, the other day, 10 of us went there.

~ 10 of us - quite some time back ~

The best thing of all, this restaurant serves not only sushi-s but they serve also seafood like unagi, salmon, chicken or beef teriyaki and stuffs like that - you can keep on ordering them if you go for the buffet package!

They have oyster too but food like oyster can only be ordered once since it's expensive but still, it's oyster and nothing can change that.

~ Yummy oyster ~

The cutest thing is that they have train to 'transport' their sushi-s like this...

During my first and second visit to Sushi Station, I'd say I like their food a lot, not the sushi-s but it's the food-that-you-can-keep-on-ordering. Nice and yummy. I wouldn't advice you to go for their sushi-s because Sushi King is definitely still the best sushi-provider. Haha. Look how happy all of us look...

And we ended up looking like this because we had a fight over our food...

~ Apa tengok-tengok? Gimme back my food ~

Okay, that was just a joke... Haha. We didn't fight or anything, we were just putting on an act. Some super posers we are!

Things went wrong during my third visit there to celebrate AM's birthday. Their salmons were not fresh and they were a little bit stale but still, they were served to us! We ended up throwing most of the food we ordered - wasted!

Nevertheless, if you haven't try it, you can still go and have a try of their food.

Sushi Station,
The Rooftop 6th Floor,
Sg. Wang Plaza,
Kuala Lumpur.Tel: 03-21489898

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