Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sushi Day

Hear ye, hear ye,
I now pronounce today, 7th of June,

As a day of Sushi Day.

Lame, lame, lame.

I know that is what you think but I like it. Muahaha.

Actually, I should be posting this entry up like... few weeks ago but I kinda forgotten all about it until this morning, I was deleting some pictures that I found these pictures. Hehe. I'm getting more and more forgetful lately. Perhaps, I'm getting older more matured.

AM, SY, stupid sister and I went to Ta Kiong to buy the ingredients to make sushi-s. The ingredients needed (as being instructed by stupid sister) are...

1. Seaweed - RM19.90 for 50 pieces
2. Glutinous rice - RM19.90 for 10kg
3. Crabsticks - RM3.20
4. Cucumbers
5. Eggs
6. Carrots
7. Mizkan vinegar - RM14.50 for a small bottle

By the way, I need to tell you that the Mizkan vinegar is the very important seasoning in making sushi-s. So, if you tried to substitute this vinegar with apple cider or whatever vinegar, then, do not expect tasty sushi-s at the end of the day. I'm warning you!

Let me show you some of the pictures of the ingredients...

~ Glutinous rice cooked by AM ~

~ The essential seasoning - mizkan vinegar ~

~ The overall ingredients ~

Right, we did prepare some other things like sausages, pork luncheon and salmon spread but all those are optional. We prepared that because we thought of making some very different sushi-s. Another reminded, you may opt for normal rice rather than glutinous rice but another warning is, if you put the sushi-s with normal rice into the fridge, chances are, when you wanna eat them the next day, your sushi-s are hardened and not nice anymore - so, moral of the story - use glutinous rice instead.

So, the first step is... spread the sushi-making bambo on the table and put a piece of seaweed over it. Before you apply the ingredients, brush some mayonnaise on the seaweed like this...

The reason is so that the sushi-s will be more moist, tasty and also the main purpose is to get the seaweed sealed after you put the ingredients onto the seaweed.

Smart stupid sister!

Then, just put whatever ingredients you want onto the seaweed. You can try these combinations...

1. Glutinous rice + carrots + eggs + crabsticks
2. Glutinous rice + carrots + eggs + cucumbers
3. Glutinous rice + carrots + eggs + crabsticks + cucumbers
4. Glutinous rice + cucumbers
5. Glutinous rice + eggs
6. Glutinous rice + salmon spread + eggs + crabsticks
7. Glutinous rice + eggs + sausages
8. Glutinous rice + eggs + pork luncheon

So, your sushi-s are supposed to end up like these...

~ I know they doesn't look pretty but they tasted good ~

The best of all, I came up with my very own invention that AM, SY and stupid sister said it was just me and my stupid invention that tasted awful!


~ Moi and my stupid invention ~

There were sausages, pork luncheon, salmon spread and eggs. Then, I dipped them into chili sauce and guess what...

*cough, cough, cough*

I spitted them out - they tasted horrible!

Yes, I'm smart but my invention was stupid - according to stupid sister.


Dwinz said...

OMG... u and ur smartness LOLX! How and why did you thought of something like tat?Lolx... i thought sushi should go with wasabi?

Didn't u guys make unagi? yums

Angel Valerie said...

u should say "smartness" instead. hahaha. i could come up with something like that because boredom kills and being special is what it's all about! haha. muahaha!

the wasabi here is expensive... cannot afford.

sob... no unagi, no salmon, no anything. sigh. we cant find unagi or salmon here although we searched high n low for them.