Sunday, June 8, 2008

I wanna complain!

First of all, yes, I just so love to complain - even about little stuffs and then, I wanna make it big, big, big to make your lives miserable because I feel so darn annoyed with everything right now!

If you don't know, not long ago, I've just set up another blog that enables me to update myself and perhaps some friends about my journey in food-hunting. I named the blog, "Angelicious Food" with my name in front of it because I simply love food and that is why I'm so fat.

In an entry, I wrote about Sushi Tie, a Japanese restaurant that recently opened two branches at Sibu after the lauching of it's main branch at Pedada. If you don't know, click here and read it.

Enough say about the nonsense.

Now, I wanna complain about their services and staff! Yes, I wanna complain, complain and complain!!! I hope the owner of Sushi Tie reads this entry!

The courtesy of the staff at Sushi tie SUCKS big time!


My sister and I went there for the second time because she was craving for Sushi the other day. So, why am I so furious? These are why...

  1. So, we took our seats and then, there came the staff - she asked for our order. Fine. No problem with that... As we were looking through the menu, I noticed that the stupid waitress looked kinda impatient. How can you expect us to finish the menu in an instant? So, I told her, "We'll order from you if we want later. We'd like to get the sushi-s from the conveyor belt." STUPID STAFF didn't understand me and answered, "HAH?!?!" with a very rude and loud tone before walking off just like that! WTF is happening to the courtesy of this stupid girl? Lao niang super beh-song with an attitude like that lor!
  2. My sister and I were busy choosing the sushi-s of our choices from the conveyor belt and that stupid girl kept on looking at us and making notes on her note pad. I knew she was writing what we took from the conveyor belt. TMD. I felt like an alien because I could actually see some writings on her stupid, fugly face that read, "Don't even know if you can afford to pay or not later." I cannot pay, you idiot girl? I can even throw my money right into your fugly face! You better open your eyes wider and see who you're messing with! Lao niang super hate that kinda stupid girl who pretended like she's super smart like that lor!
  3. After that, the stupid girl went gossiping with her colleagues - about us! I know! She was pointing at my sister and I on-and-off and kept on eyeing on us! Shit-laa! Face me if you wish to gossip about me! If you don't dare, go to hell because you are so cowardly! Lao niang super hate it when people gossip about me behind me lor!
  4. I was already furious at their service at that time, so, I nudged my sister, signalling to her that I wanted to leave. She was okay, thus, asked for the bill. Stupid GIRLS and not girl could only stand there and looked so idiotic when we were waving to them all the while. In the end, we stood up and went to the counter, paid and leave! Lao niang super-duper hate this kinda people!
With these kinda services, I tell you, sure Sushi Tie won't have a lot of customers or should I say with stupid girls like that to be the waitresses there, you die-laa, Sushi Tie! If you wish for more people to go there, fire those stupid girls and re-hire someone new and make sure you interview them and test their courtesies!

Learn from Sushi King!

I hate Sushi Tie!


Dwinz said...

from wat u complained... I am very happy that ... Sushi Tie is nt in KCH and lucky tat we have Sushi King.

The serv in Sushi King is good. Don't you agree??

Jeremy said...

haha... sibu standard mah... don't complain la... just bitch them in front of everyone!!!

Angel Valerie said...

edwin, u're lucky... i want a Sushi King in Sibu too but somehow, even if i count years, i know they wouldnt even consider opening a branch in Sibu.

jeremy, u bitch with me issit? then, can, no problem - get ur feet back to Sibu, then i can bitch about them with u! no one to bitch with here.

Jeremy said...

hehehehe.... come here la... (again) here got so many sushi shops open by japanese ppl... 100% jap sushi!! :P

Angel Valerie said...

jeremy - kick u!