Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Manhattan Fish Market

To all seafood lovers, The Manhattan Fish Market is definitely a heaven for you all. I first came across MFM when I went to Midvalley for the first time. I thought MFM is a place for all the rich folks but I was wrong. It's affordable for almost everyone in fact and I only got to know it after Edwin brought me there.

The thing I like about MFM is the ambience there. The staff were very friendly and services were splendid. The best of all, they kinda barbeque your food right in front of your eyes. That's the difference of MFM with other seafood restaurants.

The outcome of the barbequing and grilling... the dishes taste heavenly and addictive...

Well, I guess the seafood does look nice in the picture, right? Then, seafood lovers, do go to MFM for a try! Their calamari is really nice! Alice fell in love with the calamari in fact.

For starters, you can even order buttered creamy mussels that cost RM13.90 and we did order them. Those mussels were really fresh and nice!

I totally forgot, I did try their Sweet Home Alabama and it tasted so creamy-you-will-lose-your-sanity! Yes, it was really a nice feeling to have gulping down the nice drink even if I just took a sip. The drink belonged to Alice.

So, what are you waiting for? MFM's branches are all over the countries and recently they've got into Kuching. If you're a Kuching-ians, go to The Spring or Boulevard, they have a branch respectively.

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