Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shopping time!

At this time of the year, everybody is rushing to do their shopping since it's SHOPPING SEASON. You know, I found it very amusing that there are brochures announcing the three-times annual sales but then, it seems to me like Malaysia is having sales ALL YEAR ROUND!

For shopaholic person like me - this is the BEST news ever even though I'm already a self-pronounced bankrupt person. Hahaha.

I was away last weekend to Ipoh with Wendy and from that time until today - I'll tell you what I've bought...

1. Polo watch that costs RM159 but I got it for RM59 only. Hooray!

~ It's fated to be worn on my pretty hand... LOL ~

2. Handbag #1 for RM39.90 only.

3. Handbag #2 for RM62 from Gracy Cat.

~ Even the plastic bag from Gracy Cat is nice that I'm so determined that I should keep it ~

4. Handbag #3 for RM29.90 from Present 4 Them. Yes, you're right, it's Totoro handbag! Cute, ain't it? Hehe.

~ See what I mean? Nice and cute plastic bag again ~

5. Top for RM39 from Esprit and another dress from NEXT shop for RM39.

You know, I'm not lying! The top from Esprit costs RM39 and it's a MUST-BUY item because the original price was marked at a freaking RM99 just for a thin piece of cloth. Just in case you think it's not the ORIGINAL Esprit, here, I took a picture of the receipt.

~ How the klutzy me tore the tape of Esprit ~

6. Sandals from Cleef for RM29 since I spoilt my sandals already - FOR REAL.

~ Very comfy sandals ~

So, adding all those things up, I've spent like RM296 for everything. Wah, sakit hati ini... How am I going to get that RM296 back?

Never mind, I'm still happy with my purchases.


MiMi said...

the handbag #1 very nice...where got it???i want to get one also for my working use one...hahaha...tell me...

Angel Valerie said...

code - handbag #1 - i got it from TESCO, Ipoh.

Roses said...

damn bags are so damn cheap..i love cheap cheap but nice stuff coz it enable me to save room for buying other things.
RM200+ are okay since u bought watch too..i tried prolly 4-5times more than that n got myself spanks..*sob

Angel Valerie said...

hahaha... rose, dont worry. u can still shop for them if u're at Malaysia now but if u're out of the country, then, that's another story.

dont be sad.

*sayang, sayang*

simply Ed said...

sweetie your calculation is wrong...its a freakin RM297.80. That is like almost my one month part time tutoring job. *speechless*

Now and now I know why are you so super broke and self-declared bankrupt.

Btw, please change my blog's link it no more edz-life.blogspot. Thanks.

Angel Valerie said...

sweetie pie... i know my maths sucks too but too bad there is no way i can actually improve on it. haha.

old already, so, cannot absorb knowledge liao.

simply Ed said...

you can le... but u are too lazy to absorb it la my dear...

you focused too much in absorbing the talent to shop XD

Angel Valerie said...