Sunday, June 22, 2008

Part one

Note: My convocation date is announced yesterday in which my batch of friends and I will either be receiving our scrolls on the 23rd, 24th OR 30th. Will update about this issue later when I get the letter from the university.

Seriously, I think it's time for me to make some changes in my life like...

1. Wearing more of skirts instead of pants.
2. Wearing blouses instead of some boring tees.
3. Wearing dresses that shouldn't make me look like I'm pregnant.
4. Wearing heels instead of some comfy Bata sandals.
5. Getting a versatile handbag for all occasions.

All the above can only be achieved with the help of wearing make-up. Seriously, I think I should use wear make-up on everyday basis instead of going out with a naked face. Shit la, I look so fucking horrible nowadays that it'll scare the soul out of your being in which, right now, I think I should take back what I have said to sweetie pie that I'm the cutest person on Earth while he only lines up second.

Darn, why am I feeling so freaking low now?

Back to the topic on wearing make-up on everyday basis. Wearing make-up is never easy for a clumsy and lazy person like me. I need like 45 minutes to 1 hours just to get everything done and this excludes hairdo. Crap, I'm really bad at this.

I'll show to you guys what my make-up kit is made up from the next time but meanwhile, please bear with me and my craps. So, to look beautiful within seconds, minutes or hours, you will need make-up stuffs like...

1. Make-up base
2. Concealer
3. Foundation that suits your skin tone
4. Eye-shadows with at least 4 colours
5. Eyeliner, preferably black
6. Mascara
7. Fake eye-lashes, not too extreme
8. Eye-lashes curler
9. Blusher
10. Pressed powder
11. Lipstick, preferably close to nude colour
12. Lip gloss

There, now you know how is it feels like to be me. All these things make my make-up life a hassle because normally, I wake up late and due to waking up late, I just can't seem to put everything in order (eg. right clothing and also make-ups). So, I don't normally wear them even though I've been telling Wendy that I should be wearing it since 3 years ago to attract attention from guys.

I seriously believe that you need make-ups to beautify yourself. Even the prettiest girls on Earth use make-ups and even fugly girls like me, with the aid of make-ups, at least I look more presentable. Shit la. Lao niang is so damn emo right now lo!

At the end of the day, still, I think losing weight would be the BEST option to look and feel better or prettier. Sigh, I'm so fucking emo that I no longer can continue to blog...


Jeremy said...

sigh~~~ be urself la...

Angel Valerie said...

everyone wants to change to the positive sides and im no exception because im still a typical girl who wants to be at my best.

sad la like that...

clement said...

haiya... zharr bo... so mah fan.... when did you decided to resume keeping a blog liao? he he

Angel Valerie said...

clement, apa macam? u didnt ask me the day we went out with lydia n others, so, i resort to not telling because im pretty certain u are able to find out also. muahahaha...

anyway, no present for that too. hehe.