Sunday, June 1, 2008

The days away from home...

I was at Kuching for the past 4 days with SY and her family. The main purpose - Serikin and secondly, to go to The Spring and Boulevard. My main purpose - just to take a break from the dull and boring life in Sibu.

Let me tell you about my trip...

Day 1

We started our journey straight at 12.30p.m. on Wednesday 28th of May and reached Kuching around 7.30p.m. The reason of the delay of arrival was because of the bad traffic jam from Serian to Kuching City. Since it was already 9 p.m. by the time we got to SY's place, we cleaned her place, took our baths and turned in.

I slept like a log.

Day 2

Woke up at 8.30a.m. and took my bath. Then, we went to Siang Siang for breakfast before heading to Matang Wildlife Center because SY needed to hand in something to the people there. Then, we went to SY's relatives' place at Jalan Song. So, we stayed there until 11.30a.m. before going to The Spring. Asking on what did I get there, here, these was what I've gotten...

2 pieces of cakes from Secret Recipe and also and Enchanteur powder. Lame, right? I know I'm being lame. Okay, for the Secret Recipe part, Sibu doesn't have Secret Recipe, okay? As for the powder... I kinda came across it and all of a sudden, I thought of getting it.

Then, we went to Doria's (my littlest baby cuzzie) place before heading to Boulevard. For the rest of the day, it was history because nothing much to do after that. We went back to SY's place to cook dinner and then, bath and sleep.

Day 3

First thing in the morning - dead tired to wake up.

Went to the State Library - just because I wanted to online to check my exam's result. Lame, lame, lame. I know, you don't have to remind me. We purposely went all the way there only to find that the stupid internet couldn't be used to log into the university's website.

~ Scenery taken from the State Library ~

Darn... We wasted our time to go there...

Then, we went to The Banquet - super nice building, I tell you! If you're not a Kuching-ian, you should check it out! Damn... If I'm rich enough, I'll go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Got a lot of ang-mohs there!!! Can go there and kao one!

Then, around noon, went out with this person...

~ The ice-cream robber ~

Yes, he's the sweetest sweetie pie ever. You've to trust me on that!

We went to Sushi King and then, to Desserts at The Spring. I was craving for Sushi King and he brought me there! How nice, right? Then, he said I looked gloomy that day - yeah, gloomy - final result was announced and I was super scared. So, he bought me this...

~ Blueberry Cheesecake ~ cheer me up. Even though it's blueberry ice-cream, they have bits of cheesecake inside the ice-cream and you can actually feel the cheesy-ness of the ice-cream. Nice, right?

~ My blueberry cheesecake and his forest berry ~

Thanks a lot for everything, sweetie pie!

As for dinner, went out with David, the cute piggie to Sahara at Tabuan Laru. Is it Tabuan Laru? Ah, whatever... I can't remember the neighbourhood's name.

Anyway, these were the food...

~ My spaghetti corbonara ~

The sauce was too creamy to my liking but overall it was nice...

~ David's Pork Cordon Bleu ~

I wasn't sure about David's liking but he said it was nice and I was doubtful. The side order - sausage - bad, bad, terrible! The inside of the sausage was still freaking cold!

It was David's treat and dear, dear David, thanks for the treat even though I was supposed to pay for the treat.

Day 4

We went to Serikin early in the morning after breakfast. There wasn't anything special with Serikin. You can expect a pasar malam-alike place but the difference is, it's a pasar pagi. Dammit. The sun was shining so brightly and with that kinda weather, sure one will get darker! Shit, I've gotten darker from the Serikin trip!!! You can actually see the lines of my slippers on my feet now!!! WTF!!!

So, the next time you wanna go to Serikin, bring a sun-block, SPF130++ most advisable. I was using the SPF130 but it didn't seem to have effects on me. They should have SPF250.

After that, SY's dad brought us to Hartz Chicken Buffet for lunch.

We had mostly chicken - fried, grilled, BBQ-ed, you name them, we ate them. So, below are sneak preview of some food that they had...

I just loved the macaroni with tomato dressing - really nice. Haha... Now, I miss it so much...

We went back to SY's place after that. We took our baths and slept for a bit before we went to Jalan Song for supper.

SY's sister was dressing up and so, I took some pictures of her...

All of a sudden, I felt heavy-hearted of leaving Kuching the following day. So, I took my time and camwhore a bit.

After which, I went to sleep - sleeping soundly at around 11 p.m. as we needed to wake up early the next day.

Day 5

We went for breakfast and nothing calms your crave for noodles except than a bowl of kolo mee. I've always love kolo mee but it's hard to find a nice bowl of kolo mee in Sibu.

As we went on our journey, the sky began to cry... Crying for the leaving of an angelic presence from Kuching to Sibu.

OMG, I'm so poetic!



The end.

That's all about my 5-day journey in Kuching. Till I'm online again, folks! I need some rest now.


Dwinz said...

so have u had fun in Kch? in the next few years there will be more stuff.

Angel Valerie said...

yeah... i had fun that i even started to miss Kuching the morning when i left the cat city.

that's why the sky wept for me...

Dwinz said...

Sighs... sorry can't really accompany you...sighs... feel so bad...

Angel Valerie said...

dont feel bad. i feel bad that i've taken so much of ur time too but still, i really, really enjoy ur company there - thoroughly.

u're the best, best sweetie ever!

LydiaKong said...

ehhh??? when did u go to kch eh? i just came back from there