Thursday, June 12, 2008

After so many years...

I finally found the very first present that the BF gave me for my 17th birthday. Very nostalgic, ain't it? It was placed just in a tiny box in my room and I kinda forgotten about it's existence for such a long time already!

Let me count... 23 minus 17 = 8. For goodness sake, the nostalgic pressie has been kept in the box for more than 8 freaking years already! Poor thing!

*sayang, sayang*

Sorry, my bad.

The worst thing about me BF is that he can't even remember that he gave me that pressie on my 17th birthday! Geez... I don't know what can he remember too.

Since I've found it, I took it out, cleaned it and put it on the table next to the TV set. The best thing of all, I put it right in front of my picture in the living room - so that everybody can see it! Hehe.

~ Me, pressie from me BF & me brother's ornaments ~

I need to strangle the memory out of him anytime before I leave this place!

Good night, blogosphere!

P.S. BF is for BOY FRIEND, with space bar in between boy and friend. So, bear in mind that it's different from boyfriend, okay?


Dwinz said...

ahh the nostalgic feeling.

Angel Valerie said...

but there's long story behind it. will explain in later entries. haha. ed, u better study! hehe.

Dwinz said...

wah got story... wanna hear... lolx... got study wor...

Angel Valerie said...

yes, very, very long story that i havent been going around telling everyone. haha. u see how secretive i am?

yes, and u better do it right! i'll send my private eyes to spy on u!