Tuesday, May 27, 2008

UTAR's new campus

Note: I'll be going to Kuching tomorrow afternoon with SY and her family.

After my finals last month, I went to Ipoh with Wendy, PL and Sandy for a break from life in KL. A lot of people believe that Ipoh is a town where pretty girls are 'produced' and the best living example is Wendy.

I'm not going to elaborate on Ipoh but I'm going to show you our university's new campus in Kampar, Perak. Wendy brought us there and the journey to Kampar from Ipoh took us around 45 minutes.

When we got there, the first thing that caught my attention was the hostel. Darn... the hostels are damn nice, I tell you - you can choose to stay at French or Chinese-inspired hostels.

OMG... even if you're not staying in the hostels, you can choose to stay outside and the rental is damn cheap! For RM600 you can rent a three-storey terrace house with six rooms and share it with your friends! TMD... I tell you, if I was born three years later than my actual birth year, I'd be so lucky because UTAR will be moving to new campus next year or some time like that.

Even the journey into the new campus had us attracted - the scenery is just so nice and serene... WTF, you can't find it anywhere in KL!

You can actually see lake everywhere, mountains and green, green, green plants everywhere too in the new campus! Imagine that kinda scenery - darn, you can fall in love easily! Don't believe? Let me show you more pictures!

Actually I have more pictures but it's just I'm too lazy to post it up. Even our faculty in the new campus is beautiful or should I use pretty instead of beautiful? A friend used to tell me beautiful and pretty are used differently but ah... forget it, I can't remember.

I don't know what you think about the building but all of us think it's nice - at least better than what we have at PJ. I don't have the picture of our faculty in PJ but you can google it out.

We were not supposed to go down of Wendy's car while we were in the campus, so, this is what we did...

Yes, we sneaked out of Wendy's car and illegally went into the faculty. Haha. Eh, not my fault... I sneaked in too because of Wendy's influence. Haha. That was a joke - we were all too curious that we sneaked in and at the end of the day, we got stopped by the security guard.

But since the security guard was mesmerized by Wendy's beauty, he decided to let us go.

You see, beauty has an advantage!

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