Sunday, May 18, 2008

Romance of the Three Kingdom

A catchy title, isn't it?

For those of you who are familiar with the phrase, you'll surely relate it to some ancient Chinese history which happened thousand years back during what-so-ever dynasty but this entry is not about the history of China.

Again, this is not an entry of the history of China but I'm here to promote this place called Romance of the Three Kingdom.


Read on...

Alice, YT and I were squeezing our brain juices out the other day when we were trying to find some interesting news to write for our Online Journalism. Then, we came across Romance of the Three Kingdom through a website and three of us were attracted to it. At the very first click to Three Kingdom's website, we were determined to write a news about it.

So, YT emailed the PR person, Mr. Timmy Foo, about our motives and believe it or not, Mr. Foo actually asked us to bring friends there on this particular Saturday evening and beverages would be on him. Alice and I were so thrilled that we screamed so loud that people thought we were crazy! OMG, we were over the moon!!!

The main reason - the offer was just too terrific and awesome to be rejected! Take a look at the pictures below and you'll know why...

Thus, we called Bernard up and informed him about the interview with Mr. Foo.

Before that, if you've been guessing what place Three Kingdom is, now, the secret is revealed - yes, it's a CLUB.

The interview with Mr. Foo took around half and hour and we were left wandering about in the club to take pictures after that. Since we have promised Mr. Foo that we'll promote Three Kingdom, I might as well put up this entry - at least I do not break my promise.

Below is the interior structure of Three Kingdom...

OMG, believe it or not, they have a stage that is meant for catwalks! It means fashion shows can be held at Three Kingdom too!!! To put things into a simpler say, Three Kingdom is a place of entertainment, all-in-one.

Okay, I'll stop crapping and let you guys feast your eyes with the pictures taken... and do remember to drop by their website for a visit!

Can you spot a head in the last picture above? Well, that picture was taken by me and you know what? Bernard suggested that I should shoo the bartender away or maybe cut off his head because he kinda spoilt the picture. Muahaha...

Anyway, Three Kingdom is one of the clubs that is worth a visit. So, if you do pass by Mont Kiara, do drop by for a visit!

Oh, yeah, PX, so sorry that I wasn't able to bring you there last time but I promise to bring you there when we meet again in KL soon.


Dwinz said...

Wah... loooks so nice... i wan go i wan go... lolx....

I see u have changed ur blog's layout again...

Angel Valerie said...

if u want me to bring u there, no problem, remember what i said about showering me with more love?

muahahaha... i know im greedy.

yeah, changed dy... u said u wanted to use my previous template, so, i changed it to PINK!