Friday, May 16, 2008

I heart Italiannies

Yes, I super-duper *heart* Italiannies, you heard that? So, bring me to Italiannies the next time you wanna date me out for lunch or dinner. I wanna go to Italiannies again. I wonder if there are any kind souls who are willing to make this wallet-draining sacrifice or not.

Err... actually, before I went to Italiannies, I've heard endless comments about it. A friend of mine told me, "Heck, those fellas at Italiannies actually charged RM50++ for my XO Fried Rice!" At that time, that friend totally shattered my initial plan of going there. I thought, "If a plate of XO Fried Rice costs RM50, does it mean that a plate of spaghetti will cost RM100?"

What kinda stupid idea was that? It was totally stupid, I tell you. I was stupid enough to believe him too, I have to admit. Where got Italians serve fried rice one? That proves I'm very *aherm* naive and pure. Another friend commented that their food is not good and bla, bla, bla - some stuffs like that. So, in the end, I changed my mind about going there.

About month ago, I was out with Loonie and Gigi to Dragon-i for their pull-noodles and xiao long baos, Loonie mentioned that she and Gigi so much wanna go to Italiannies. I was thrilled because all of a sudden, the urge to go to Italiannies came alive. So, three of us came up with a plan - to go to Italiannies right after our last paper.

Well, 10 of us went there but only 9 of us ended up there because PX a.k.a. Sandy, couldn't make it to eat with us because her dad came. It was such a pity, you know? I know how much Sandy loves good food, just like any of us.

Ambience... Let's talk about the ambience at Italiannies, 1 Utama. Well, I like the ambience there - cosy, cottage-feels-alike, quiet and superb lighting. If you wanna bring your girlfriend or boyfriend out for a romantic candle-light dinner, do consider Italiannies. All of us actually liked the place that we took out our cameras and began to camwhore away.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I'm good at coming up with funny conversations. Hahahahahahaha. *clears throat*


I know.

Anyway, we were attracted by the promotion that offered one appetizer, three main courses and one dessert. Yeah, that means altogether, five dishes with the price of RM89.90 exclusive of 5% government tax, 10% service charge and drinks. It was quite a deal, you see. Since there were 9 of us, we ordered two sets. That means altogether, we had 10 dishes - satisfying dishes. We ordered drinks separately.

First of all, let me introduce the food that we ordered... I don't know if I can remember each and every one of them but let me try. Introduction starts from left to right, up to down.
  1. I-don't-remember-the-name. It's some crunchy garlic bread with nice balsamic tomato-dices toppings. The topping is nice.
  2. Garlic Chicken Pizza.
  3. Angel Hair Pomodoro (basically, it means, my hair... hehe).
  4. Aglio Olio Pasta - OMG, I love this one... the prawns were super springy and nice and fresh.
  5. Chicken Milanese - super creamy topping, love this too!
  6. I-don't-remember-the-name-of-this-dish - it's ideal for vegetarians!
  7. Cappuccino Pie.
  8. Something-cinnamon-I-don't-remember - but I LOVE this one better than cappucino pie!
As you can see, I listed only 8 dishes but I mentioned there were 10, right? Okay, we actually ordered something else but it turned out that they didn't have those dishes, so, they substituted the remaining 2 dishes with Garlic Chicken Pizza. In the end, all of us grew super tired with the Pizza that we forced Ah Ma to bring back the remaining 4 pieces of pizzas.

I'm so sorry that I don't remember all the names of the drinks. So, if you so happen to go to Italiannies, find it out on your own.

Best of all, they offered complimentary bread with balsamic vinegar with olive oil. Well, their bread was really nice that day!

We paid around RM290 for everything inclusive of drinks and tax. It was cheaper than what I've expected. I told others that the estimation would be around RM50 per pax but it was like RM15 cheaper in the end.

We were happy and satisfied.

Maybe I should consider on organizing my birthday party there next time.


Dwinz said...

ahhhh... Italian food!! droolz droolz!!! I want!!! Omg... I love pastas...

overall i love Italian food...

Bring me there!

Angel Valerie said...

how to bring u there when im stuck in Sibu? hahaha...

u know, maybe, perhaps, if... muahaha... im feeling generous enough one day and provided u treat me well and love me lots, lots, i'll buy u a ticket to KL, then, we go to Italiannies together.

how does that sound, sweetie?

so, from now on, shower me with love! :P

Dwinz said...

wah really? haha...

am I not showering u wif love hunney pie??? hehehe...

Muacks Muacks!

gosh... the things ppl do for food...

Sinful...sinful!! >.<||| lolx

Angel Valerie said...

u know, sweetie, it's always the case of love-not-enough. i never complain when there are too much love but i always complain when there is too little love.

so, honey-honey, i want more. hahaha.

not sinful when u're doing it for me. hahaha.

Dwinz said...

LOLx... ok ok

lemme shower more...later sked ur house flooded wif loves
wakakakkaka...u are gonna get drown or drunk with too much love.

Angel Valerie said...

eh, drunk or drown with too much love is better than none, right?

i'll feel very much appreciated then. muahahaha... send me more! i forgot to tell u that im greedy. hehe.