Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mixed feelings...

Home, here I come...

Yes, I'll be home in just 1.5 hours from now. I'm posting this entry from LCCT and my feeling right now - dammit, I'm having this stupid stomachache. I am still considering if I should go to the ladies' again because you see, I was at the ladies 10 minutes ago and everything was normal. Darn, I hate the stomache-y thing-y.

As much as I feel so heavy-hearted leaving KL, I feel like going home too. Daddy has been calling ever since my last paper 2 weeks ago and reminded me to get my ticket back to Sibu. He said he's settled everything in Sibu including getting me a temporary job while I'm back home. He called countless times in 2 weeks just to make sure I've bought my ticket.

See, how much my daddy dearest loves me.

Yes, I'm daddy's girl, so what?


Duh... I'm having these mixed feelings of staying, going back and staying and going back when I reached the airport half an hour ago. When I was checking in, I heard, "Calling Airasia passengers AK123 to Singapore, please proceed to the gate XXX for immediate boarding." I can't remember the gate's number.

At that moment, how I wish I could just join them and fly to Singapore to see and be right next to where you are.

I'll make the long story short - I know I can't do that even though I so much wanna do that. I hate commitments.

Argh, achy again.

Will be updating again once I got home and settled everything including cleaning my abandoned room.

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