Monday, May 26, 2008

Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant @ Midvalley, KL

Korea has always been a country that I so much wanna go one day and I even thought of moving to Korea if I could. Forget the Korean language part - my mind is still about the plastic surgery in Korea. Hehe.

I wanna do lipo-suction and tummy tuck in Korea - look at celebrities like Kim Ah Joong and others... their plastic surgeries are successful and they look totally HOT right now! Don't you agree with me?

Ah, well, it's not the time to talk about plastic surgeries here...

Introducing one of the many Korean restaurants available in Klang Valley - Kyung Joo. Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant is my favourite Korean restaurant so far. I've been to the Korean restaurant at Sg. Wang but I didn't really enjoy their dishes. I don't wish to further comment about their dishes because that is not my priority here.

Kyung Joo Restaurant is situated in Midvalley Megamall. If all of you are interested in Korean food, maybe you should give Kyung Joo a visit. The kimchi they serve is the BEST kimchi I've tasted so far and I super-duper love their kimchi soup (only applies to those of you who love sour and spicy food).

Their dishes come in reasonable prices. For example, you see the dish below? Take a close look and try and guess how much it is?

I don't remember what it is called but I do remember there were kimchi, octopus, lala, tofu, tomato, prawns, pork and eggs inside. It costs RM16 exclusive of tax.

Wait, wait, wait!

RM16 is inclusive of a bowl of rice with FIVE other complimentary side dishes like kimchi, preserved vegetables, their signature's dishes - grinded chilli with tofu, Korean mashed potato and boiled vegetables Korean style. The BESTEST is... you can actually share these dishes with another person because it comes in a big portion although it's stated in the menu that it's a meal for one.

The other day, five of us went there and we ordered two sets of these dishes and we had our tummies filled up that we couldn't stand up after eating. That was how stuffed we were... Look at the dishes we ordered...

I know, I know, perhaps, it's YW's no-good photography skill that doesn't impress you guys much on the dishes at Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant.

I've been there for more than seven times now and I still will go there if I am in KL right now. I miss their food. For the previous two visits there, I did take some pictures and these are the proofs...

Can you actually see the happiness in us? That was the first time Alice agrees that Korean food is actually finger-licking good. Then, YW and PX also gave the same opinion.

For more details, drop by...

Korean Kyung Joo Restaurant,
Tian Cheng Di Ji Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.
3rd Floor, Midvalley Megamall.

For reservations, call Mr. Woo Wai Ming at 016-5987897

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