Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sushi King

Japanese food has always been my top choice whenever I go. I remember I used to crave for sushi-s since I was young and always pestered my parents to buy sushi-s for me but too bad Sibu did not offer any Japanese food back then.

It was until few years back when I first went to Sushi King with buddies... I fell in love with it. Super in love, I tell you!

Sushi King might not offer the BEST sushi in town but it's more than enough to satisfy your inner desire for Japanese food. The dish I'd strongly recommend have to be their "Golden Balls." Yeaps, you should try that dish. It might not be superbly special but it tastes really nice that you'll fall in love with just one bite if you're a big fan of eggs, like me.

~ Golden Ball at RM4 per dish ~

Other nice dishes that I'd recommend would be their Unagi, Kani Mayo, Egg Mayo, Smoked Salmon, Tuna Mayo and Tempura. These are the dishes from Sushi King that I *heart* a lot and since then, I've frequented my visits to Sushi King.

Too bad Sibu has no Sushi King, so I've to anticipate it until I'll get my arse back to KL in August. Sushi King, see you soon!


Dwinz said...

we have sushi king in kch haha

Angel Valerie said...

yes... i nearly missed sushi king to death.