Friday, April 1, 2016

The Coffee Code @ Sibu

Coming from a small town in Sarawak where Starbucks and Coffee Bean outlets are not easily accessible. I have always been a fan of Starbucks. Let me tell you a secret - I used to work for Starbucks and the memories of working there with a team of awesome staff are awesome.

Late of 2014, a new cafe was set-up and opened on 22nd of December at Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, Sibu. My sister and I were ecstatic because we had been waiting for a cafe that serves good coffee for a while. During the first two weeks, we didn't bother to go to the cafe because whenever we passed by that area, we saw crowds and crowds of people.

If you are a resident of Sibu, you would have been familiar of Coffee Code's menu. Their signature dessert is Black Code Waffle. There are different variations of the waffle but we love Perfect Match so much that whenever we go back to the cafe, we would order it.

Priced at RM10.90 inclusive of GST, I would say it is a pretty good deal. Their waffles have gotten me addicted and even when I am based in KL now, I couldn't find waffles as good as theirs. There is just something about the texture of the Black Code waffles.

Perfect Match is served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream but since my sister and I always are on the top of everything, we tripled the ice-cream. You can do so as well with an addition of RM2 per scoop.

I couldn't have enough of these yummy waffles and even blogging about it now makes me salivate. I always make it a point of visit The Coffee Code for their waffles.

Earlier in the entry, I mentioned that The Coffee Code has variations of Black Code waffles, right? I'm going to include a picture of their other variation, All About Love, below.

This variation is priced at around RM19.90, which is a bit steep because honestly, I don't really like fruits and fruits actually make the waffle soggy. You don't get to choose what kinds of fruits to go along with the waffle because it depends on what is available in town as well.

If you are unsure you want to try out their Black Code waffles, don't worry, they do have the normal brown waffles at slightly lower price.

Aside from waffles, they serve turkey ham and tuna pita pockets too.

The price ranges from RM14.90 to RM16.90 if I am not mistaken.

Honestly, I don't really fancy pita pockets, hence, I never really bothered to order any of it however, courtesy of my friends, I was able to snap a picture of the turkey ham pita pocket with thousand island sauce.

Just like any other cafes, The Coffee Code serves cakes and brownies too! Sometimes, they would have pies as well.

The choices of cakes depend on what they have in-store. I understand that they do have different cakes everyday. So, walk into The Coffee Code and be surprised!

The prices of cakes are around RM9.90 to RM13.90 so, check the cakes out if you are going to the cafe.

We are going to move into the star of the cafe - beverages! A cafe will never be good without good beverages! Honestly, I have tried a number of different beverages from The Coffee Code.

Take note that their prices for hot and cold beverages do differ. I am only to tell you the price of that particular beverage that I ordered. In the picture above, it clearly is latte. Priced at RM11.90, it's clearly a bit expensive for it's size. Oh, they only serve beverages with one standard size.

I tried out their Mocha as well.

I am usually a big fan of Mocha but honestly, at RM13.90, this is not up to my expectation. The only part that makes this beverage nice is the chocolate syrup, I guess.

I tried out their Iced Chai Latte at RM13.90 as well.

The taste of the Chai Latte to me, is similar, every cafe I go - for this one, it's a little too bland to my liking. I like my Chai Latte rich and thick.

If you're a Green Tea Latte lover, fret not, they do serve it too at RM13.90 as well.

I never ordered this beverage before so I couldn't give you any feedback.

Honestly, I have quite a high expectation for their beverages but I am a bit disappointed. I am an avid coffee drinker and I know my coffee well. I know the differences between the beans and the taste and pairing but well... I'm not gonna complain because it's acceptable.

Earlier last year, The Coffee Code started serving chocolate shakes!

My sister and I ordered their Nutella and Ferrero Rocher Milkshake at RM23.90. Erm... again, it's quite a hefty price to price for Sibu standard. I am not stating it's worth it or not but it is kind of expensive even for introductory price.

Our friend ordered Oreo Milkshake which was mediocre at RM21.90. It was quite bland the day we ordered it.

Anyway, I'm not gonna complain much about it.

If you are ever in Sibu, do pay The Coffee Code a visit and remember to try out their Black Code waffles.

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