Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The reasons I quit my job - Part 2

After much procrastination, I'm going to blog about part 2 of the reasons I quit my job. If you're interested, you can read about part 1 where I stressed on how important it is for a boss to treat his or her staff right.

In the entry, I am going to discuss more on issues related to management - the 7 deadly sins of bad management. I will relate some of my personal experience in my previous organization to these sins.

Now, the keyword is being consistent to each and every staff within the organization. When the organization is small, it is easy to be consistent but as the organization grows bigger, somehow or rather, one would notice the management being inconsistent. They begin to choose sides. If you're lucky and valuable to the company, the management will try to suck up to you. However, in my previous organization, even idiots get sucked up just because they have higher qualifications. 

The management failed to understand each staff is unique and despite the uniqueness, they have to be treated equally. If you begin to choose sides based on merely your race, religion and belief, sooner or later, you'll lose the staff.

The second deadly sin would be forgetfulness - where you promise your staff something and then, you forget about it. It doesn't matter whether it is done intentionally or intentionally. If you have the guts to promise the staff something, by all mean, you should carry out your promise.

My previous management promised a raise of above 4% of annual increment for all the staff during staff meeting but when we received our payslip, we had a shock - the increment was below 4% and on top of that they gave excuses like, "Oh, you're not the HOD and you haven't done as much as the others." Some of us even got an increment of less than 3%.

It doesn't matter if one particular staff is working his or her arse off or not. If you've promised something, do it! 

It is sad to say but sometimes the management is okay but there are certain people within the management who are selfish. These are people who play politics within the company. The reason for doing so is simple - to advance and to climb up the corporate ladder faster. These are the people who are selfish and they would care less about what would happen to others as long as they get what they want and what they think they deserve.

There were people who played politics in my previous organization. In fact, I was one of the victims. In order for this particular lady to get promoted, she began to back-stab everyone. Then, I was warned to not even wear spaghetti strap outside of the management. My idiotic boss told me, "Sometimes, if the management doesn't allow you to wear shorts, you are not allowed to wear it even outside working hours."

There is NO and WILL NEVER BE a one-size-fits-all thing. A bad management will never understand this because their mentality is to hire just one person to do everything. In a way, it's cheaper but they have never thought about the effect it may have on the company in long term and to the staff himself or herself.

My previous organization - hired someone from background A and expected her to do things related to background B, C and D. When the staff questioned the management, the management said, "In life, there is not perfection. I hire you and I expect you to be able to do all that."

They had never given a thought whether or not that particular staff would be able to perform given the field wasn't related to her first degree.

Complacency is yet another deadly sin of a bad management. It is when the company is overly pleased with themselves to be aware of what has taken place in the surrounding. 

What happened to me was - during a meeting, I remember my boss told us during a meeting, "Even if you quit, we have nothing to lose. It's easy for us to find someone to replace you." He made a mistake - yes, it is easy to find someone but it takes time to train someone. Soon, bosses of other departments began to use the same statement to staff who wanted to resign.

Positive part of it - staff leave and good luck in finding the right person who would stay.

Training should be conducted to all staff from time to time to ensure staff are well exposed to the new things or technology in each field. Information should be shared to everyone within the organization without choosing sides - that is opaqueness. You do not choose whom you would share a piece of new information with.

When I applied for training, although my immediate boss approved my application, it was rejected the moment it got to the higher authority. That was the only time I appreciated what my previous boss did - to approve application to attend training. The reason given by the management for rejecting my application, "We would conduct an in-house training soon for all the staff."

Three months went by - there wasn't even news about the training. One day, when I called HR and inquired about the training, HR told me, "Oh, the training was conducted last month. I didn't see you signing up?" I was flabbergasted. There was an in-house training but some of us weren't even informed about it.

It is utterly important for the management to include praises if any staff has done well in his or her job. Sometimes, these staff just thirst for a word of 'thank you' or 'well done'. A bad management will never address appreciation to the staff but they will think that it is due to themselves that the company has been doing well. 

My previous organization - they kept all the praises and at times, they would even thank the wrong person. Imagine you were me, you did something but instead of getting a 'thank you', the praise went to another person who didn't do much. 

It was truly devastating for me to stay on in the organization. I was hurt mentally, threatened, ignored and totally being treated like I am an idiot. I didn't see how much they value my effort and work at all. I ended up resigning after 2 years of going through nonsense and bullshit.

At this point of life, I am happy - after I quit my job, I traveled a lot and came to understand a lot of things.

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