Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shopping with Althea

I believe those of you who are beauty bloggers or if you are a fan of Korean beauty products, you must have come across Althea. The website was launched in July 2015, opening a chance for everyone to purchase Korean beauty products that are not in our Malaysian market. The best thing about Althea is that their prices are very, very affordable.

Why do I say it's affordable? Let me give you an example.

When I was in Korea last year, I purchased IOPE Air Cushion® XP Cover SPF50+/PA+++ for one of my friends. I didn't come across IOPE standalone outlet hence, I purchased it from Aritaum in Myeongdong. The price quoted was 40,000 won, which was approximately RM160.

Althea is offering the cushion for only RM119, which is like RM50 cheaper than you, going to any IOPE outlets or Aritaum in Seoul.

Even the price of  Hera UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture SPF34+/PA++ offered by Althea is so much cheaper than the price I've paid for over the counter in Lotte Mart.

I paid 48,000 won or approximately RM185 while Althea offers it at RM139.

How affordable is that?

Better still, you can shop in the comfort of your own home and the parcel will be delivered to you within 10 to 15 days. The postage fee will be waived with the purchase of RM150 and above. However, if your purchase is any amount below that, you may have to fork out around RM30 postage fee. So, best way is to collect orders to hit the minimum amount required for free postage.

All the items you see on Althea's website are shipped directly from Korea at the moment orders are made. This will ensure products are newly manufactured.

If you are worried about the authenticity, fret not. Let's say you are not satisfied with the products after which you have gotten them - what should you do? Don't worry, Althea promises refund within 30 days.

My first order with Althea came after 5 days of placing my order. How fast was that? I almost couldn't believe my eyes when the postman came with the pink package.

I was half expecting the delivery to take more than 14 days because shipment usually isn't that fast. Even when I ordered clothes from Singapore, the parcel usually takes around 10 to 14 days to reach my doorstep in Kuala Lumpur.

So, imagine my happiness when the parcel got here in less than a week!

Every piece of product in my first parcel was individually bubble-wrapped. In fact, they actually put in quite a number of layers of bubble wrap in the box itself.

Then, I placed my second order with Althea together with my friend - both of us are still riding the Korean wave.

We bought quite a number of products since there were good deals the day we placed our orders. Our orders came in 2 separate boxes because 1 box was not enough to accomodate all of our products. It was crazy online shopping spree for us.

My second order with Althea came after on the 6th day minus Saturday and Sunday. I was secretly thanking Althea for their speedy service!

Just a week ago, I placed my third order with Althea. I was in mask frenzy since I ran out of sheet masks and needed more.

My third parcel from Althea came on the 4th day after placing my order. I ordered the masks on Monday and the parcel got to me on Friday.

How fast can the shipping be?

The speediness of their service is insane!

Since I've missed the Christmas limited edition box, I managed to secure the CNY limited edition box!

I have to tell you guys - even though Althea uses paper box to send out parcels, the paper box is quite sturdy. I am still keeping all the boxes and using them to store some other items in my room.

Isn't that lovely?

I will definitely continue to purchase my favourite Korean beauty products from Althea. However, I do have a wishlist, hoping that Santa Althea will be adding more products of the following brands to their website.

1. Mamonde
2. Memebox
3. Aritaum
4. A'Pieu

Please grant me my wish, Santa Althea!

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