Monday, February 29, 2016

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion SPF50+ / PA+++ (Doraemon Edition)

I was in Korea last year when I came across a brand called A'Pieu in Myeongdong. Since it wasn't a brand I knew, I kinda skipped it. At that time, they had just released the A'Pieu x Doraemon limited edition line. I wanted to check it out but then again, mum wasn't intrigued so, I changed my mind.

If I knew A'Pieu is one of the least expensive brands in Korea, I would splurge in their outlet no matter what. I came back to KL, kinda disappointed when I got online and saw how cute the entire collection was.

Anyway, I came across A'Pieu x Doraemon Holiday Edition and decided that I have to get my hands on these cute cushions. However, when I checked for the actual price of this cushion online, I decided not to get it. The cushion retails for about 9800 won, which is less than RM40 but online beauty shops are selling it for RM60 to maximum RM100. That is pretty ridiculous I'd say.

Some time later, I came across KYOU Beauty and couldn't help but to notice they are selling both the normal and holiday lines. Best of all, these cushions are priced at RM55 and below! The time when I bought these cushions, they were on sales for RM50 each - how is that not attractive?

I ended up buying 3 sets of the cushion foundations - one for me, one for stupid sister and one for mum.

I wanted ready stocks hence, I had not much choice but to get shade No. 21 - which isn't entirely my shade but I figured out I could work it out with a bit of bronzer and blush.

If you are interested, they do pre-order as well but since I couldn't wait, I opted for No. 21 instead of my usual shade.

Since I can't read Korean, I'll leave the description to you guys.

The cushion comes with a free 13.5g refill.

Since we are discussing about the weight of the product, I have to tell you that normal cushion foundation comes with 15g worth of product but for A'Pieu, it's only 13.5g - which is slightly lesser than other brands.

I guess all these cushions are gonna last me a while since I do have other cushions lying around the room as well.

If you are someone who's a little particular about hygiene, this cushion foundation does include a refill of puff for you. Basically, once you're done with one set of the cushion, you throw the puff away together with the casing and tadaaaah... a new puff awaits.

Thanks, A'Pieu, for being considerate!

On the packaging, since this cushion retails for only 9800 won or around RM40, do not expect it to be on par with IOPE or Hera. This cushion is much lighter and the material is like cheaper plastic. It is not that sturdy but I'm not gonna complain because of it's price.

Just like what I've mentioned earlier, shade No. 21 is a little too light for me. Since I knew about this, I'm not gonna complain on the shade.

Before I purchased this cushion, I have been spending some time on researches and I did come across reviews saying that this foundation is a bit liquidy, it's not long lasting and it doesn't set. I believe everyone's skin is different so, here's my review.

Honestly, I'm not gonna lie but this foundation is a bit more liquidy comparing to my other cushion foundations. I have no problem with that since I do have drier skin - I need more moisture on my skin! Since it's more liquidy, yes, it doesn't set fast enough. So, the best way to set it is to use loose powder on top of it.

Application is just like any other cushion foundations that I own.

The coverage for this cushion foundation is kinda below medium. You can clearly see from the picture above that it doesn't really cover my dark under eye circles - all thanks to many late nights.

It does not really cover the veins around my nose as well.

As far as the ability to even out my skin tone, it doesn't do much. However, on the other note, it does brighten up my dull complexion a little.

If you're looking for a longer lasting foundation, you could skip this because honestly, it does not really sit for long on my skin - 3 to 4 hours maximum and I saw my dark under eye and veins peeking through the foundation. Well, I have dry skin if you must know. Furthermore, it creased around my eye area as well as on my laugh lines even after I set it with loose powder. It started to wear off first around on my nose too due to my dry skin.

I wouldn't say this is my best purchase ever but isn't the packaging so cute? I mean, I do like Doraemon and I don't mind having this in my collection. I do collect cushion foundations especially if I really like the theme and packaging.

So, if you're still looking for an affordable and cute cushion foundation or you're completely new to cushion foundations, this is the one that you can try before jumping into the cushion foundation bandwagon. I bought mine from KYOU Beauty.

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