Thursday, January 21, 2016

i-Vision Daily Disposable Color Soft Contact Lens

Honestly, ever since I quit my job in April 2015, I haven't been toying much with make-up or even contact lenses. However, there are several occasions that required me to doll myself up and in such situations, I need my lenses to be readily available!

That practically means - I have to ensure there are lenses in my makeup wardrobe.

During my previous trip to Taiwan, I stocked up quite a number of coloured contact lenses and few of them made it to my 2015 favorites. I had to get friends who went to Taiwan to help me stock these lenses up.

Today, however, I am going to share one of my favorite lenses bought from Sasa @ Taiwan with all of you here.

One confession - I can't read Chinese characters or I can't really recognize Chinese characters well. However, if you are interested these lenses are from i-Vision. The ones that I have gotten were i-Vision Daily Disposable Color Soft Contact Lens. The packaging itself stands out since it is a pink on black which spelled elegance.

Anyway, I am one lucky person. I didn't want to use these lenses up so quickly that I would probably skimp and skimp and ended up not using any of them. I was thinking, "I don't want to run out of them any time soon!"

When Mr. BF's sister went to Taiwan last month, I was ecstatic! I had to get her to buy more lenses for me and thus, it explains why I have more of the same lenses!

The two colors that I bought were brown with black rim and light brown with dark brown rim.

I was quite skeptical to get the lighter brown lens just because I am not so adventurous as I age. Colors like green, blue and purple are more colorful so I thought they just don't suit me any longer.

All these lenses are daily disposable lenses. That basically means after using once, you would have to dispose them.

If you can read Chinese characters, here's a close-up picture of the lenses' descriptions.

Another reason why I got these lenses was because of the smaller diameter. At 14.2mm, they are just nice! I do not particularly like lenses that are 14.5mm or more. Although I know the bigger the diameter is, the more dollish effect the lenses are going to give but personally, I'm way through the phase of trying to look like a doll or even trying to be cute.

The dark brown with black rim lenses look very natural but I do not have a picture of me wearing them. The thing about ageing is that you tend to forget about things from time to time. Well, an excuse is an excuse.

The light brown with dark brown rim lenses look okay in real person however, in flash photography, I don't think I like it but it was okay.

I prefer lenses that give you an impression that your natural eye color blends with the lenses.

On comfort-ability, the whole reason for me to stock these lenses up - they are comfortable!

Honestly, after I started switching to daily disposable lenses, I found out that these lenses are more comfortable and best of all, they're more hygienic.

For monthly and yearly disposable lenses, you have to take extra precautions like washing your hands before and after application, washing the lenses to remove the protein coats, bla, bla, bla. It's just too much nuisance for me.

Now, here's another picture of me wearing the light brown with dark brown lenses.

A box of 10 pieces of daily disposable lenses is priced at NTW$269. They can only be purchased in Sasa outlets in Taiwan.

So, if you're thinking about trying these lenses, remember to get help from your friends who are going to Taiwan to get them for you.

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