Sunday, July 26, 2015

You're just too picky!

This is the topic that I am quite reluctant to talk about for the longest time.

I have been trying my best to avoid it because I know if anyone within my circle of friends start to talk about it, I will be the first or probably second target in the conversation.

You want to know why?

It's all because I am 30 and I am still single.

Okay, welcome to my life!

True enough, over the years, I have series of unhappy events when it comes to relationships and most of the times, I did blog about it.

Personally, I think there is nothing wrong with me, confiding in my blog because certain times, when you talk to people about your story, people do not understand your situation and that makes everything worse! To me, my blog is a person to whom I could go on and on about one thing and he doesn't respond negatively to me - if you're not happy reading my blog, you are always welcome to leave.

Okay, here comes the real thing.

I have been getting a lot of questions from people around me, "Angel, why are you still single?"

At this age, I do get it when people question you about it but the thing that really makes me angry is when people ask me the next question, "Are you too picky?"

First of all, let me tell you this - when you direct this question to a person who is single and still searching, the person being asked may not tell you anything but it could be offensive to them.

I hate it when people label me as 'picky'.

My argument is that if you think I am picky, why not we divert the question to yourself for a bit? If you are not picky, would you end up with your current boyfriend or husband? If you are not picky, would you just randomly choose a stranger and marry him or her?

The answer is a 'no', so, quit labeling other people as picky when you do not know their stories.

I know I can complain a lot about being single but at the same time, I refuse to do something about it.

Do you know why I refuse to do something about it?

If you do not know why, let me tell you again - I have had enough experiences with jerks and assholes who were only eyeing money and sex. My life is not about lending my money to any guys out there and it certainly has nothing to do with sex or even one night stand.

Sorry to those who are practicing this but seriously, if you come to me just because you are thinking about sex without string attached, my only sentence to you, "TO HELL WITH YOU!"

If you love sex or one night stand so much, go and find yourselves some professional prostitutes out there because one thing I know for sure, I am not one of them.

If you're thinking of preaching me that I should know how to satisfy a guy sexually, then, I will advise you to stop trying to preach me because I am a lady with high ego and I am not going to listen to your preach since I have my own life to lead. Seriously, I have no interest in wanting to know how you perform blowjobs on your boyfriends or how good you are in all positions in bed - save it to yourself!

To me, finding the right person is more important than any other things in this world and if sex is bound to happen, let it happen with the right person so that even if you guys do not end up getting married, still, it happened without regrets.
Once, a friend came to me, telling me, "Angel, I envy you because you are still single and you have no worries about relationships."
 You are not me, how would you know I have no worries about relationships? Sometimes I just do not talk to people about my relationship problems because I believe certain things shouldn't be spread.
When you are in a relationship and at the same time, your friend is single, stop telling him or her, "I envy you because you are single - you don't realize how troublesome relationships can be."
In that case, break up with your current partner and stay single!!!!!
Why do you even need to worry when you can break up?
Don't tell me, "Oh, you wouldn't understand my dilemmas - we've been together for almost 10 years and breaking up is not an option." 
Quit telling me also, "We've been married, it's not as easy as you've thought."
Sure it sounds easy to me when you are trying be 'envious' over me, being single.
If it is not easy, quit telling people how 'envious' you are - it doesn't work that way! Certain things may look easy to you but it is NOT that easy for the person who is actually going through it. Quit telling people that they do not understand your situation because you do not understand their situations too.
Worse still, I hate it when people tell me, "Maybe the time is not right, when it is right, Mr. Right will appear."

Hey, do you think Mr. Right is like a wizard whom can appear and disappear as he likes? If you are unsure, save the consolation to yourself. I do not appreciate your consolation at all because it irks me. It makes me feel like you are trying to laugh at my misery.

You do not know what I have been through so, don't just jump into the picture and tell me something offensive. It would be better if you switch to another subject that is less offensive.

I do not mind people telling me about their relationships but I get annoyed and angry when people try to label me as picky and stuffs like that. I have been in pathetic relationships with wrong guys and if you are gonna tell me I am not trying hard enough, you should just commit suicide!

Lesson of the day for all of you out there:

1 - Do not tell your single friends that maybe they are too picky - it's not your call.

2 - If you are gonna preach them, make sure you can tolerate it if they preach you.

3 - Stop trying to sound professional when you are not.

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