Friday, July 31, 2015


About a month ago, my dad came for a visit and we decided to go on this day trip to Sekinchan.

Seriously, I had no idea where or what Sekinchan was until my brother told me it is a place where there is paddy fields, beach and also not long ago, TVB actually filmed there. Honestly, I wasn't so ecstatic about seeing fields, beach or anything like so but I was thinking, since dad is here, I would just accompany him - it's a family trip after all.

We were woken up as early as 6am to get ready because we wanted to avoid the traffic. Somehow, being a late riser, I woke up at 6.30am and took half an hour to get ready for the trip.

That basically meant no make-up and nothing on the face.

We started our journey around 7.30am and got there around 9am.

Throughout our journey, I remember seeing a lot of paddy fields.

I am not a nature-person but the scene actually made me appreciate mother nature for a bit.

The weather on the day itself was quite good as well - it wasn't too hot.

We did pass by Pantai Redang - I have no idea why it is called Pantai Redang for the fact that Malaysia does have Redang Island.

Kinda misleading but nevertheless, it doesn't really matter.

As soon as we got to Sekinchan, our first priority was to fill up our tummies hence, we finally settled for one of restaurants along the roadside.

I don't really remember the name of the restaurants but I was told that the dishes that these restaurants served are more or less similar.

We ordered a pot of tea to wash down the oiliness of the food.

Well, tea was self-service. You've gotta fill it up with hot water on your own.

Below were the few infamous dishes that we ordered.

Stir-fry spicy prawns?

I think it is prawns but de-shelled and minced. The dish was tender and juicy and most importantly, spicy enough for all of us!

Kung-pao squids - kind of okay, nothing over the top.

I guess I can cook this at home too.

Spicy stir-fry baby clams - nothing to shout about.

We ordered this just because the table next to us ordered this dish as well.

Our last dish - claypot bittergourd fish.

I seriously have no idea what kinda fish they put in the claypot. As much as I love claypot dishes, this one didn't really catch my tastebud. I didn't like the combination of bean curd, brinjal, bittergourd topped with fish.

After lunch, we went to the beach for a bit.

Took a picture with the infamous wishing tree.

Then, we roamed about the place for a bit before heading to the fish market.

Around 2pm, we headed back to KL and called it a day.

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