Thursday, March 6, 2014

Magic Colour Lens

I can't believe time sizzles!

I have been busy or at least pretty much occupied with the thought that I have yet to complete my tasks at hand which will due in 2 to 3 weeks to come. However, I could still procrastinate because I believe that when something needs to be done, miraculously, it will be done when the time comes #procrastinator!

I think I have been neglecting my blog a bit these days. My life has been pretty crazy these days that whenever I feel the need to update my blog, the thought just shut me down. I told myself that I will be updating real soon but I always ended up doing something else.

Anyway, I'll head straight into my review as of now since this is an overdue entry.

We are gonna talk about color lenses. I love my coloured lens because they really do enhance the overall look. However, I am not really adventurous when it comes to colours. I prefer my sexy greys and down-to-earth browns. Other than these two, I don't think other colours would suit me as I age.

There's one brand of color lenses that I have been itching to try out - Magic Colour Lens.

Truth be told - I have heard quite a number of positive feedbacks of these lenses. So, I finally gave in to my desire when I got to know they were having promotion 3 to 4 months ago.

Talking about shopping-ban, huh?

I bought a total of 10 pairs of lenses from them.

One thing that I really like about the lenses is the packaging. I despise lenses that comes in glass vials. I am quite paranoid about opening the vials because I am forever scared of cutting my fingers while opening them. When I read about Isabelle's little incident, it scared the wits out of me because I am quite accident prone!

I stopped buying lenses in glass vials after that.

I know I am a little bit kiasi but hey, I don't wanna risk cutting my fingers because there are just so much work waiting toe be completed!

Anyhoo... Magic Colour Lens has one of the most spectacular packaging because it comes in blisters! It basically means no accident!

I figured out I will only do review on two pairs of the lenses because I always forget to take pictures!

All lenses from Magic Colours come in 16mm diameter.

First pair - Stilette Brown.

I half expected myself to love this brown but honestly, I hated this pair.

Firstly, it was because I felt uncomfortable wearing them for the first and second time. I could feel the lenses were drying out my eyes. The feeling was so irritating that I had to take them out after the second hour, every time I wore these lenses. I had to dispose them after using it for 2 weeks - it's a total waste of money!

Secondly, I would say this colour is a little bit too dark hence, the brown is a little unnoticeable in flash photography.

In real life, I would say it made my pupils looked very dark thus, resulting in the most unnatural eyes.

Next in the line would be the Dazzle series. Actually I have purchase 4 pairs from the Dazzle series. I did not quite like Dazzle Grey even though I am nuts for any grey coloured lenses. If you're wondering why I have gotten so many pairs from this series, well... let's just say I am not really into lenses with black rims.

The pair that I am reviewing would be Dazzle Aqua.

I did mention that I am not too adventurous when it comes to coloured lenses but I got a blue lens! LOLX! There's a reason for it.

The first look at the lenses, I would say the aqua lenses looked kinda greyish blue. They are not exactly blue. I was thinking to myself the blue wouldn't be too obvious so there's nothing to be worried of.

True enough, when I inserted the lenses into my eyes, the aqua shade doesn't really show up. In fact, they looked a little bit greyish.

So, I am not a blue-eyed monster after all! LOLX!

In real life, aside from having 16mm diameter, this shade looks pretty decent and natural. It blends in well with the natural colour of my pupils.

Here's a picture of the overall look.

Natural, right?

Oh, another picture of the lenses in flash photography.

The aqua isn't really too obvious too, which is like *thumbs up* good.

As of comfort level, surprisingly, Dazzle Blue feels more comfortable than Stilette Brown. I don't know why. Perhaps what one of my friends said was right. She told me, out of 10 pairs of lenses you get, on average, there will be a pair or two that will not be comfortable.

Magic Colour Lens is having promotion now so, if you're interested, you can head over to their website to order.Ma

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