Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hoyu Beautylabo Hair Dye in Milk Caramelisee

I have 'pretty' long hair.

If you have long hair, you'll know that keeping long hair is really an investment! I have to get hair shampoo every fortnight. That basically means 1 litre of shampoo can only last about 3 weeks on my long hair. At this point, I am thankful that my hair is not that thick, else, I'll really go bankrupt from maintaining long hair.

The other day, I told stupid sister that I wanted to colour my hair before CNY. She suggested for me to go over to the hair salon to get quotation. I am not that adventurous when it comes to hair - I can only be seen with brown or beige hair.

So, back to the story of colouring my hair - quoted price was RM150 to RM180. For a small town I am in, it's actually quite cheap given the length of my hair but... it was CNY... I was saving for some other spending.

In the end, after much consideration, I have decided to colour my hair at home. I settled for Hoyu Beautylabo Hair Dye.

If you have long hair like mine, you will need two sets of the hair dye.

The shade that I bought was Milk Caramelisee.

I wanted a shade that is ashy and honestly, I expected I would get brown hair. You know, typical Asian hair, no matter what shade you've dyed your hair into, it will turn brown after a few weeks.

Lemme show you my hair before the colouring process.

My hair is naturally straight so, please don't assume I've rebonded or straightened my hair. Yeah, I know, lucky me!

After a tiring 1 hour, this is the result.

Ashy brown!

Me likey!!!

I guess I will stick to this shade until I am tired of it!

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