Monday, February 3, 2014

CNY 2014

First of all, Happy New Year to all those who are celebrating!

This has been the busiest CNY ever in the history however, let me start off with something red!

Finally, I have the guts to put on MAC Ruby Woo!

If you don't know Ruby Woo, chances are you are new to MAC Cosmetics. Ruby Woo is basically a matte red lipstick that is supposed to look good on all skin tones. The shade may not glide on as easy as other lipsticks but, it really does stay put after eating and drinking!

Okay, we shall put that aside!

Let's see what I wore on the first two days of CNY!

OOTD on the first day of CNY - a lace cheongsam paired with red lips and bold eyeliner. I was wearing NYX Lip Cream in Amsterdam.

I had to wear the cheongsam and keep the make-up for the whole day because I did not have time to touch up due to never ending visiting friends and relatives.

However, fun part - we get to mess around with the fireworks at night after everyone went back.

Well, there's a child in every single one of us, right?

Let's move on to the next OOTD on the second day of CNY.

I love this pairing - dress from a local boutique, necklace from Bangkok and I was wearing MAC Ruby Woo. I'm so glad that I have decided to invest on a good red lipstick - MAC Ruby Woo is totally worth every single penny!

I get to visit friends and relatives on the second day of CNY and guess what? Grand-aunt decided to hire some lion dance troupes to perform when we visited her place.

Finally, after the first round of visiting at relatives' places, I went to BFFs' places. We had a little gathering over there and I was so, so glad that finally, I have met friends whom I haven't meet for the longest time!

Of course, with good companies, you've gotta have good food, right?

Cheesecakes from Tanahmas Hotel.

I believe each cheesecake costs RM100. You could head out to Tanahmas Hotel, Sibu, if you're interested.

Other than cheesecakes, we were served with more cakes!

The amount of food at one of the BFFs' places was crazy!

No wonder they said one would gain weight during CNY!

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