Thursday, December 19, 2013

CCM Tapered Crease Blender

Happy Thursday!

My life has been filled with colours these days so, I am sharing all the love with everyone who is reading my blog - much love to all of you during this season of giving, Christmas!

I feel so loved during this time of the year especially with so much love, gifts and surprises showered upon me. Well... honestly, there is nothing else I could ask for!

However, one of the gifts that I have gotten and been enjoy using it - Colours Cosmetics Malaysia Tapered Crease Blender.

I always have hard time trying to find a blending brush that would work for typical Asian eyes like mine. Brush like Sigma E40 is just too big for my small eyes and shallow crease. I have trouble using it therefore, I always resort to blend out the eyeshadow on my crease using my fingers.

~ Sigma E30 Pencil Brush, Real Technique Domed Shadow Brush, CCM Tapered Crease Blender & Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush ~

At the same same, I would prefer my blending brush to be able to multi-task - applying eyeshadow and blending it out at the same time.

My RT and E40 are not able to perform both tasks on my eye lids. E30, which is the Pencil Brush, is unable to perform both tasks too because it is too small.

There are times when I feel like, "Ah, forget it - I'm just too lazy to blend and apply eyeshadows!"

Here comes the saviour!

CCM Tapered Crease Blender - just the right size for my small eyes and shallow crease!

Best of all, it can multi-task quite well! I used it to define my outer crease, applying eyeshadow as well as to blend out the harsh lines - that's 3-in-1!

I like the fact that the bristle is not too long that is difficult to control and not too short that it is too precise. The length is good - it provides controlled application effortlessly!

By the way, the bristle is soft too so you don't have to worry it would hurt your eyes :)

Here's a comparison of the length of the bristle to my Koji Eyelash glue.

It's tad shorter and believe me, it is GOOD!

Despite being synthetic, it picks up product very well!

So, do not dip the brush into your eyeshadow, thinking this brush would not pick up product!

Just like what I have mentioned earlier, this brush can really multi-task!

I use it to apply eyeshadow, define and blend it out. 

Then, after shaking off and wiping the excess eyeshadow on a piece of tissue, I would use it to re-apply highlight powder or eyeshadow.

It works wonder and I don't have any doubt about it at all...

I use it when I am feeling like going for neutral look...

And of course, there are some days when you feel like glamming things up in the office for a bit... plus, it is Christmas season, hence, I have been loving green eyeshadows!

CCM Tapered Crease Blender really does its job of blending out the eyeshadows well and effortlessly!

FYI, I could never blend eyeshadows out with my current brushes because my blending skill is just mediocre. Erm... maybe my skill is that bad. Hahahaha!

Well, I have CCM's brush now and guess what - I love it!

No matter what kind of look I am going for, I find out that I would be reaching for CCM Tapered Crease Blender instead of other brushes these days.

So far, I have been using it for about 2 weeks and I have not experience any pieces of fall-out of the bristles despite washing it twice already! Thumbs-up to CCM for that!

Here's my two-cent on the brush!

Appropriate length of bristle for especially Asian eyes
Blends out easily
Multi-tasks like magic
Soft bristle
No fall-out bristles
Affordable and good for everyday use without burning the pocket


Seriously, I have not found anything wrong with this brush at all. For it's price, I don't think I would be complaining because it does what it has to do!

No, I am not paid to say this or even to write this entry.

If you are interested, you can head out to Colours Cosmetics Malaysia to make your purchase :)

I really do recommend this brush!

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