Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics

I am not very adventurous person when it comes to make-up. I prefer to stick with more neutrals like nude, brown, grey and black. My first ever neutral palette was first version of Urban Decay Naked but the palette was stolen. I told myself then, one of these days, I would replace that palette but after quite some times, I decided not to replace that palette because I could not see myself using all the shades in the palette.

When Urban Decay announced the launch of Naked Basics, I was over the moon for once again.

I have heard so many fantastic reviews about the palette and I surely would want to set my hands on the palette on my own! Did I tell you not? I'm always searching for good quality matte eyeshadows and as far as I know, matte eyeshadows are as pigmented as their shimmery or glittery counterparts. I told myself, "I have to get it to make my life complete."

So, after waiting for the palettes to reach our shore, I rushed out to the nearest Sephora and made my purchase - UD Naked Basics, you are now in my hands, yay!

Once I removed the packaging, I could not stop awing at the beauty of the palette. I could not keep my hands off the palette at all even though I have yet to start using it! Every morning, I would open the palette and smiled at the 6 different eyeshadows in it.

I was in love with the palette.

Yes, that is very true. In fact, I think I was obsessed with it for several months before using it. LOLX! The size of the palette is great if you are always on-the-go. You can easily slip the palette into your bag without feeling you've brought too many make-up products with you.

These are the 6 shades available in the palette. There are 5 matte and 1 shimmery shades.

Venus - a shimmery white shade that is good if you want to highlight or brighten up your complexion.

Foxy - a yellowish neutral shade that is good for highlighting your browbones.

W.O.S - a pinkish neutral shade that is also good for highlighting.

Naked 2 - nudish brown that may appear colourless if you are around NC25 to NC35.

Faint - light beige and I usually use this to darken up my eyeshadows.

Crave - black and certainly not the blackest black but it does it's job decently.

Let's put all the shades and swatches side-by-side for a more thorough comparison, shall we?

If you were to ask me, I would say the swatches are true to the shades you see in the palette so I do salute Urban Decay for their effort. All of the eyeshadows are buttery smooth. Pigmentation is quite good except for Crave, W.O.S and Foxy. They do feel a little chalky since they are matte eyeshadows but they still feel smooth upon touch.

Other than that, I have no complains of the palette at all.


  • Neat and great packaging

  • Big mirror that comes together with the palette

  • Eyeshadows are buttery smooth

  • Travel friendly

  • Cons

  • Uneven pigmentation

  • Some shades are chalky

  • These palettes are priced at RM98 each at Sephora, Malaysia.

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