Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nay, nay, nay!

The fact is - I am uber angry now. In fact, I am furious!

I have this thought lingering around for a while now. I have been getting remarks like, "OMG, you're a student from UM, you must be super smart!" "UM is top university in Malaysia, your parents should be so proud of you!" 

Let me just be honest once and for all.

For 4 years being with UM, I have never felt so humiliated, disgraced and dissatisfied.

Best education, maybe but best administrative staff, nay, nay, nay, nay, NAH!!!

I was supposed to be happy that I am graduating next Tuesday but honestly, I am NOT!

You know what happened?

All thanks to UM, I may not be able to join my graduation ceremony because they distributed the WRONG hood colour to me!

I mean, WTF?!

It's their job to make sure all the robes and hoods are correctly and accurately distributed according to faculty but what the heck happened?

The thing that I was angry most was that, the computer system was working fine when I arrived at examination hall but when it was my turn, the system just went DOWN, DOWN, DOWN! I basically stood there and waited for a good 10 minutes but the system wasn't back so, everything had to be done manually!

When I was asked which faculty I was from, I told them and double confirmed. One of the staff passed me a bag of attire and told me to check. True enough, I did check but bad thing was I couldn't make out the colour of the hood because I have no friends who are graduating with me. I couldn't even check online because my previous laptop was stolen. I was left laptop-less for 2 freaking months!!!

How can this actually happen to me? What kinda luck am I having?

I couldn't surf the internet properly as well because you know, internet connection in Sibu sucks big time! Yeah, partly, thank you TM, for the 'wonderful' internet service! I had to resort to phone calls but all those UM staff who answered my calls were, I am sorry to say this but, retards.

What is so difficult to provide me the information?

Instead of assisting me, they directed to all sort of different departments. I even ended up called Faculty of Dentistry - what the heck, UM, what the heck? I am graduating, I am not asking to seek a dentistry advice!

If the problems can be solved, I wouldn't need to waste a total amount of RM30 on phone call from Sarawak to KL just to inquire and in the end, I got nothing!



I had to keep on calling my friends to check online for me because again, hello, TM, your service was so sucky that I couldn't even surf using my mobile!

I shan't talk about then but what the hell should I do now? I don't know if I can get the colour of my hood exchanged or not on Monday morning. I certainly hope someone would be able to guide and help me right now because I feel dumb - very dumb.

This is actually the second time I feel myself being really dumb. First was when I was bombed by my supervisor every time I met her due to my thesis. Every session lasted about 3 to 4 hours straight - imagine being bombed... what would you feel?

Yeah, dumb - like, how can I be so stupid not to be able to do what my supervisor wants?

Now, second time being a dumbo - collecting attire also I made a mistake.


Please pray for me that I would be able to get my hood changed tomorrow or Monday morning, people. I sincerely need a lot of love and prayers now.

I don't want to miss my graduation because I know my parents wanna be there so much...

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