Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stories of interviews

Honestly, I am not someone who adores complaining, complainers or complainees but I do notice that I have been complaining quite a lot recently. Life is already bad and I can still sit down and complain to others.

The other day, I went for an interview at one of the prominent advertising company, I came home with my sky crashing upon me. That was the company I've been wanting to join since 4 years ago. My first application was rejected. I wasn't quite affected that time because I thought I should get over my masters degree first. This time around, I was asked for an interview. I went there with high hope that I am going to like everyone and everything in that company.

As soon as I stepped into the company, I felt like a stranger. Where is that warm and friendly atmosphere people had been talking about? Nada, nada, nada... nobody even said hi or anything. I waited for maybe a good 2 minutes and then, the HR Executive came out of the office and told me to wait.

Okay, I waited for maybe 10 minutes or so before I went into the interview room.

I was requested to do a 5-minute presentation. No big deal, I got it.

The next thing that shocked me was, only 3 questions were directed to me and not more than 10 minutes, the interview was over.

I mean, WTF?!

I travelled to their office for 45 minutes, paid RM10 for parking fees and then, 10 minutes interview with 3 questions? What the hell is wrong with them?

Further more, I was supposed to attend that interview 2 weeks earlier but according to the HR person, the director wasn't around, so, interview has to be postponed. When I went for the interview after the delay, hey, no director?!

If you wanna know, these are the 3 questions she asked me.

1. What do you know about the company and why do you wanna work for us?

2. What is your expected salary and when is the soonest you can start working?

3. Do you have any questions for me?

After those questions, it was buh-bye.

Heck... my thoughts on the company changed like 360 degrees after that. I thought to myself, hell, I don't wanna work for them. No matter how glamorous the company might seems from the outside, whosoever that is handling the HR jobs, no, they are not professional at all.

Now, I want to thank God that I didn't join their company 4 years ago and also yes, now!

Another story is that I went for an interview at another place and when I entered the interview room.

"The position you are applying for is XXX, right? I am very sorry but the position has already been taken yesterday."

I sat there and felt shitty. Yes, position was taken and why the hell did you ask me to go all the way to your company for nothing. They called me last week and told me to attend the interview and when I was there, what the hell was wrong with them?

Further more, it was worse when the interviewer said, "However, there is another opening as admin staff but your expected salary of RM3K is too high. Is it negotiable?"

I was already feeling WTF and they made it worse. The interviewer told me to go below RM2.5K.

If I were to spent 7 years of my youth to get 2 certificates and earn RM2.5K, why the hell would I want to waste my time studying?!

I do come to understand experience counts but have I no experience?

Grrr... I get agitated whenever I discuss about certain interviews!

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