Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MAC and Clinique sales!

Hey, lovelies!

Can't believe it's Wednesday already!

Anyway, I'm having clearance sales again, yeah, as usual. Most of the items are from Clinique and MAC. So, if you do see something you like, do gimme a buzz at, okies?

Do remember that sales is on FIRST PAY FIRST SERVE basis.

There will be NO RESERVATION.

Do bear in mind there is NO FREE POSTAGE!

Certainly, NO DISCOUNT but for purchases above RM100, free gifts or samples will be given!


There is possibility for COD but it is to my convenience and purchase must be ABOVE RM100 for COD.

If you are a petty buyer, please do not get the items for me because I don't entertain petty questions or anything. These items are all brand new, however, some do not have boxes. If there are boxes, I would have shown them in the pictures. If you are sceptical, please do not get them from me.

Again, all items are ORIGINAL!

For more items, please visit my LYN thread by clicking here!

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