Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy terrifying Thursday!

My, my, my... I can actually feel the time flies!

In fact, sizzles would be a better word and can you believe it, April is coming to an end... my birthday month is coming to an end in another 4 more days!

You guys know?

Most of the times, when we are waiting for something or someone, we feel like time is moving too slow but when we actually look back again, we realize, "Hey, I'm already 30 years old, no longer a kid at 10!"

Pretty scary how fast time can fly, right?

I remember back then when I was just 10 or so, I used to be a carefree person. Being an adult is definitely no fun - I have so many responsibilities and worries.

Anyway, worrying is useless. Might as well find something beneficial to do rather than wasting my time, thinking of the impossible.

Before I end, yeah, I'm gonna share with you my look of the day!

Are you ready?

LOLX! All you need is just some love and then you'll see my happy and pretty face.

Hahaha... yeah, I go around walking like a two-faced joker. So, do you believe me now?

Terrifying, right?

Anyway, that picture was meant for joke.

Happy Thursday, people!

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