Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nom, nom at Mr. Lim Korean BBQ

I've heard about a lot of raves about Korean BBQ but honestly, I have yet to even try it out once because of all the astonishingly expensive prices.

Until last night, since I was so unhappy and unsatisfied with my life lately, I've decided to splurge - on FOOD!

Yes, it's about my work and studies - I am stressed to the maximum that I'm losing my hair like mad. Hopefully I don't go botak one of these days - SHIT, thanks to my boss and her asshole sense of humour and also her idiotic China-man mindset that English isn't important. Now, which idiot comes up with the thought that English is not important? I shall talk about that later since this entry is about FOOD!

Mr. Lim Korean BBQ is located at Desa Sri Hartamas, right beside KFC.

I forgot to take pictures of the shop from outside but anyway, it's not a big deal since it can easily be seen if you're passing by Desa Sri Hartamas.

After we were seated, my colleague, who's half Korean, told me the reason why Korean BBQ is expensive in Malaysia.

It's because of this!

The stove and the charcoal is expensive!

I was like, "Huh?! Are you sure? Charcoal is like quite cheap in my hometown but in KL, it's expensive? Are you sure?"

Then again, meat, as sold in KL exception for chicken, it's expensive too!


Anyway, we were served endless portions of side dishes but honestly, the kimchi sucks because it was so salty and there wasn't any taste to it!

Stupid sister fell in love with the potato balls in sweet corn syrup but kimchi-jeon sucks! Other than those dishes, others were kinda okay, I guess.

The steamed egg was damn nice!

So, I do compliment one of the side dishes after all - I thought I was gonna criticize kao kao about the side dishes but hahaha... the steamed egg tasted good!

We had this set dish of pork, spare ribs, chicken, seafood and vegetables. Honestly, this set didn't come cheap and on another point - well... all of us were not enjoying ourselves.

Though the food wasn't of something excellent and the service was a little slow due to insufficient staff and overflowing customers, we were happy at the fact that the owner gave us a 10% discount out of total bill because I told him we are students.

Total bill was RM120 for only one set of dish mentioned as above. It basically means the owner waived the service charge for us!

So, have you tried Korean BBQ before?


Isabel said...

My first Korean BBQ was at NZX and zomg it was so so so tasty x.x The juicy meat and mouth watering sauce.. Tasted like a piece of heaven lol

@nGeLine said...


I never try Korean BBQ before and not even interested about Korean food but after read your blog, I think I should try instead of having same food, going to same restaurant everyday. Nice post.

Angel Valerie said...

Isabel, lolx... I was at NZX last year but didn't notice any Korean BBQ eh? This one at Mr. Lim is not really recommended though, I don't know.

Hey, Angeline, hahaha... yeah, if you are a 'freshie' for Korean food, you should try them out. Well, personally, I'm not really adventurous with food too but if it's for trying purposes, well, not so bad. Hahaha... Try out the sun-dae if you have chance! The one and only in KL and Selangor!

Anonymous said...

Went to Mr Lim Korean BBQ last week (June 2012) with family. Service was horrible, and we were particularly 'chased' out by the owner immediately we finished our meals. It was so rude. When we finished our meal, just putting down the bowl, the owner asked the waitress to immediately clear our bowls, and even wipe our table clean (with the cleaning spray), even with kids sitting in front of them. Then, the Korean owner told us there are many people waiting, which when i turned my head around, there were none. I suspected because we were ordering a la carte, and not their money spinning product, thus they want to chase us out. But again, we are the customers ! We are paying customers, and we should have the rights! Will not step foot into this poor service Korean restaurant again !