Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've found my Essence to Stardom!

Okay, I crap a lot but well... Essence to Stardom does sound good in a way. LOLX!

Anyway, I bet a lot of you out there if you're aware of the world of makeup and beauty, you've came across an Europe brand called Essence. If you're not, boo... go google it up!

I've mentioned one of products from Essence in my blog before but it was skincare product so, this time around, when I went shopping again, I bought few other products, namely their trio concealer, lipsticks, lip gloss and also nail enamel.

Best of all, they're so, so affordable that you wouldn't believe they're so freaking cheap!

Oh, so... I've gotten their lipsticks!

Well, cheap plastic packaging but then again, it's pink and lavender, so, I heart them! If you're thinking they only have these two shades, do reconsider again, they have shades like peach and also red but sorry, girls, if you're a shimmer hater, these lipsticks are just not for you.

I don't fancy shimmer but I don't hate them, so, if they really perform and they are available in nice shades, why not, right?

I bought myself two lipsticks in the shade Fairytale and also Frosted.

Basically, Fairytale is something like purplish pink or it could be close to something maroon? I'm bad at describing colours. As of Frosted, it's just a nice sheen of pink, as simple as that. They might appear all shimmery but once you've applied it on your lips, believe me, they are not shimmery at all!

I love, love Frosted to the max for a day out look even without any makeup on! It gives your lips a healthy pinkish glow just like that!

Sorry for the bad quality picture because I'm still learning how to use the camera function of my Samsung Galaxy S2. So, if you're of the Galaxy S2 clan, hey, let's high-five!

Ah, that's story for another day!

Affordable and works pretty well. Nice shades and definitely a must-have for shimmer lovers!

Cheap plastic packaging and feels fragile. Not widely available countrywide. Colour can only last for maximum two to three hours.

All in all, I'm in love with these lippies and I don't mind going back and getting the WHOLE collection since they're cheap!

Price - RM9.90
Product - 3.5 out of 5
Packaging - 2 out of 5
Availability - CociCoci at Midvalley and Bukit Bintang
Re-purchase - Yes, yes, yes!!!


Isabel said...

*hi5!* I've been using my phone camera so much lately as it's convenient and has a front camera xP Too lazy to bring my camera out nowadays (extra lump in my bag)

Angel Valerie said...

Hahaha... but on the whole, S2 is a great phone despite looking a little plasticy. My camera has been sitting in my wardrobe for more than half a year now!