Monday, July 4, 2011

Me and myself

Hello again, peeps!

I have been busy, yes, very, very, very, very busy to the point that I don't even have my personal life because most of the time was spent dealing with my extra-marital affair family affair. LOLX! Okay, family issues because yes, I've moved out of my previous place due to some unhappy events.

Hence, I was cut off from cyber world for a week or so because my new place has no internet and Unifi is beyond what I can afford. In the end, thanks to DiGi Broadband that I am able to online again.

Alrighty, Imma not gonna blabber on because I am sleepy and tired. Hence, I will go straight to bed - I just wanna tell you guys that I am still alive and not dead. It was only that I had internet restrictions back then but not anymore!

Updates will come soon enough just as soon as I settle down and send few boxes of stuffs back to my hometown. I'll be busy for a while, meanwhile, take care, peeps!

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