Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love Affair with Forever 21

I guess all close friends of mine know how much I adore Forever 21. Even during my last visit to Bangkok, I spent quite some time in one of the Forever 21 outlets there. Believe it or not, the prices there are actually cheaper than those we have over here in Malaysia.

So, I went to Forever 21 with stupid sister over the weekend and fell in love with several tops and dresses there. I wish I were rich enough to have purchased all the tops and dresses! FML that I'm jobless with a thesis to finish.

We'll leave that for another day.

Okay, here comes the most exciting part!


Lemme show you my finds of the day! For RM99 or USD$22.80, you can get this gorgeous satin dress for formal functions and still, looking sweet!

OMG, OMG... I missed purchasing this Colorblock Pleats Dress because stupid sister was telling me, "Where in world are you going to wear this dress to?"

Grrr... I should head back to get this dress soon! I don't fancy working life even though I only work in the evening. FML but for the sake of the irresistible moo-lah, what can I do? I'll be getting this dress soon, let's cross our fingers that it'll still be available by the time I get there. Sure the parents are gonna bombard me with AK47 later for spending so much!

It has been ages since I tried on maxi dresses. I used to think only maxi dresses suit a fatso like me but it appears that maxi dresses emphasize your size more! Ah-hah, I couldn't make up my mind and tried on this Crochet Maxi Dress that retails at RM119 or USD$24.80 because I thought it looked sweet!

Please don't hate me because I know the following picture is gonna make you puke especially if you're eating right now - please don't curse me too. LOLX!

I know, I know, it emphasizes my thick waistline. FML... I have shorter and heavier upper body if you'd notice and I don't really like it a bit!

Thus, I didn't get this maxi dress!

If any of you out there don't know, stripes are the IN things this season! I swear I own not more than 10 pieces of dresses or tops with stripes but it appears I own more than 10 pieces in my closet. LOLX!

I'm loving stripes so, so much that if I come across more of these tops and dresses, I will still get more of them! Stripes never go out of style actually!

Striped Seafarer Tunic retails at RM89 or USD$19.80 and honestly, for the fabric, I'd say it costs a little too much. Hence, even though I have a thing for stripes, I didn't get this piece. If only they're on the shelves for Fabulous Finds that is less than RM50, I might get it.

Another thing, if you don't know as well, I am anal about lacey materials because I always think lace is the definition for SEXY and I know I am too sexy and hot for you to handle. Well, if your lingerie is made of lace, then, it's PURE love!

This Lace Dress with Contrast Belt retails for RM89 or USD$24.80 at your nearest F21 outlet. The thing about this dress is that although it looks nice on the model but it emphasizes my hugeness!

See what I mean? I hate it when dresses and tops make you look gigantic! Don't you think so too? Especially you're very much aware of your size, like me. LOLX!

Sigh, sigh, sigh... what am I gonna do with my humongous size?

Sometimes, I just need a simple piece of dress that I could wear on a casual day - something that is not too fancy or flowery but since summer is in, I guess flowers are the IN things too right now.

Flora Contrast Dress retails at RM59 or USD$12.80 at Forever 21. Well, looks sweet but remember I told you about me, having heavier and shorter upper body? Not good, not good...

See, I told you so! Argh... need to lose some extra pounds here and there but then again, it's not easy to lose those inches off since you know, it's in the genetic that our upper bodies are heavier and shorter.

Anyway, here are some pictures of other tops and dresses that I've tried. I'm kinda in a rush right now, hence, there will be no reference pictures from Forever 21. However, if you're interested, I'll be listing the prices in MYR.

~ Too sexy for words to describe RM59 ~

~ Too plain but expensive RM79 ~

~ Teal Chiffon Frilly Toga Top for only RM50 ~

~ Vertical Stripes Toga Top RM119 ~

In which, among all of the tops and dresses, I got the Vertical Stripes Toga Top. I know it comes at a hefty RM119 but we students have 10% off privilege at Forever 21 these days. So, if you're interested, just flash your student card and you'll be entitled for the discount!

Alrighty... gonna end the Forever 21 entry here for now because I need to head off to prepare some stuffs for work tonight!

Stay tune for part 2! I love playing dressing up!

Before I go, yay... finally, I've gotten my first ever Sembonia handbag that retails at RM329 at only RM39 at Sogo sales! Oh gosh, how I love sales! LOLX! Hahahaha... I love fabulous finds all year round!

Sogo is having sales for branded items like Carlo Rino, Bonia, Jeep, Sembonia, Polo and a lot of other brands until 5th of May 2011. Well, head there if you're interested - I'm sure you can find fabulous handbags from CR or Sembonia at the lowest price of RM29.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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