Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Confidence is Fabulous

I've been really, really being tortured with so many thoughts lately, from work, studies, relationship and also financial issues. I've been trying to divert my attention from these stresses by taking up a job but honestly, my attention isn't being diverted much, instead, I found myself having to go through series of worries that I may not perform well in work.

Recently, I stumbled upon a beauty guru, Jessica Harlow, and found her videos to be very inspiring - she talked about how to feel confident with yourself, tips to success, how to be happy by NOT getting drunk and a lot of other motivational videos.

Oh, of course she's a beauty guru, she has tons of makeup videos - check her out, people! She's just gorgeous and what else can I say? Inspiring.

Honestly, for me, self-confidence comes last in my list because, as a child, I didn't grow up liking myself because nobody liked me - I was an ugly duckling although I know I still am one. Hence, when it came to getting to know new people, I always freaked out at the idea because you know, nobody likes fat and ugly kid.

True enough, we don't need to be in the Miss World list to be confident because confidence comes from within and if we feel good about ourselves, we are confident. I guess it's all down to how we carry ourselves in the eyes of others.

Confidence is not only for girls but it's for the Mars as well. Okay, I shall skip this crap about Mars because we're ain't here to talk about Mars. Hey, it's about feeling confident about yourself and lemme share with you my tips on feeling confident.

Sorry, I don't do videos, so, you've gotta read, read, read...

Rule #1 - Posture, people, posture!

Posture for me is utmost important and I'm still trying to perfectionize it. If we are slouchy, of course we don't look good in the eyes of others and a slouchy person for me doesn't look confident at all. If we have good posture, naturally, people will think, "Hey, this person has got an attitude!" Then again, having attitude doesn't mean being arrogant or ignorance. Well, good postures include standing and sitting straight, keep your shoulders straight as well, keep your head right and no strutting!

Good posture can also bring positive body language!

Rule #2 - Dress up or down according to occasions!

Don't we just hate it when we're in the lime light not because we're wearing DKNY or BCBG but it's because we're dressed up for a BBQ gathering whilst everyone else dresses casually?

Erm... I should say, dress appropriately because the right clothes do affect your self-confidence whether you trust me or not. Of course you don't need to spend a lot to get the best clothes or dress to kill.

If you're someone like me, a self-proclaimed fashionista who loves dresses and more dresses, perhaps retails like Forever 21, Kitschen or Nichii might be right for you.

The other day, I was watching Jessica's video and I recognized her gorgeous dress that I saw at Forever 21. Initially, I thought of getting it but I changed my mind but after I saw the video, I went back the next day to get it.

I'm anal about dresses, okay? Hahaha... Then again, I'm not claiming I look as gorgeous as her but I just love the dress on her and I thought, "I need that dress!"

Rule #3 - Speak your mind!

I know there are times when we are terrified to speak things on our mind for we're scared our thoughts will be laughed at or even rejected but hey, we're unique on our own. We can't control how people think or even what they'll say about us, right?

We don't need to even give a damn about these people because they're just jealous of what we have, so, let others know your thoughts!

I can be quite spontaneous, blatant and shameless at times. LOLX! Hahahaha... At least I do feel good about it, of course, depending on situations.

Rule #4 - Grooming for success!

Well, I do know there are people out there that don't really groom themselves because firstly, buying makeup products for them is a waste of money and then again, they're lazy.

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones, hence, groom yourself, ladies! A little bit of concealer, eyeshadow, blusher, mascara and lip gloss wouldn't kill you, right?

Even for guys, you can groom for success as well.

Rule #5 - Be positive!

This is personally, for me, the hardest thing to achieve as of now because I don't feel 100% of self-confidence in me. Hey, I'm learning, okay?!

Rule #6 - Offer a helping hand to those in need!

I promise, this one totally pays off because lately, I've been trying to offer a helping hand to those in need. Just yesterday, I picked up a wallet with lotsa cash in it. I was telling stupid sister, "We should just shop till we drop!"

In the end, I handed it to the Uniqlo's staff that someone dropped his wallet earlier. True enough, five minutes later, a lady came asking if anyone seen her wallet which looked like what I picked up from the fitting room.

I earned not cash but dignity! I am happy!

Rule #7 - Count your blessings!

Not everyone is as lucky as we are - born healthy and having wonderful friends and family around us to care for us. Take a moment of your life, think of those who yearn for what we're having now - aren't we just lucky?

Rule #8 - Set reachable and possible goals!

Don't reach for the impossible - do what you can and be contented that you've tried your best. Don't overdo things and don't push yourself to your limits or else, you'll go crazy! Hahaha... Sit back, relax and re-decide your goals if something goes wrong.

At least that was what I did when I was trying to lose weight and I'm grateful for helps and supports from people around me that I've managed to shed off a total of 40kg over few years! Initially, I was aiming 10kg per month even though I know it was kinda tough, so... do it slowly if you must!

Rule #9 - Learn to love yourself before loving others!

Yes, true enough - that's the number one rule in love. If you don't love yourself, how do you expect others to love you, right?

Rule #10 - Check out Jessica's channel and subscribe to her!

So, that's what you SHOULD be doing after reading this entry.

Hahaha... I am not paid to advertise, okay?

Anyway... I should end this entry already. I've a lot of other entries coming by this week.

If Jessica's channel isn't sufficient, check out Bubz Beauty and also Jarmaine. I believe they're inspiring too! Definitely worth checking out!

Take care, people and remember, confidence is fabulous!

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