Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Skincare routine

Honestly, since there have been so many happenings in my life, I broke down so many times. Even my eyelash extension is coming off due to my endless tears. Honestly, I don't break down easily but when all these issues combine and come together as one, that is when I feel the stress and torments.

I figured out, I have to do something to keep myself happy. Life is too short to be spent worrying and being sad over anything. With so many issues in life, it's no wonder that wrinkles, crow feet and also enlarged pores are emerging.


I don't like it a bit!!!

Hence, I've decided to upgrade my normal skincare routine this time around.

Normally, I'm such a lazy bum because sometimes, I skip sunscreen and there are times I completely skip toner and also moisturizer! Thus, lately, I've been religiously patting on my toner, sunscreen and moisturizer after washing my face.

Aside from that, I've also included facial and eye masks daily since I've bought like a gazillion of these masks, be it the sheet, wash-off or peel-off masks. I'm nuts about the wrinkles on my face, hence, most of the masks I've gotten must have something to do with collagen and so on.

I'm gonna review 3 different masks.

First up is Mint Collagen Mask from My Scheming. I actually went to Guardian the other day and wanted to pick up this mask but due to insufficient time to queue up for payment, I only made it back to get it the next visit.

I'm anal about mint flavours and anything minty. Yes, I'm a fan of peppermint, spearmint and whatever mints! Since they incorporated collagen with mint, well, what can I say? I love it, hence, I bought the whole box!

What should I say?

Hmmm... I was half expecting the tingly minty sensation when I put on the mask but unfortunately, there isn't any sensation. Even the minty smell isn't so strong too. I wish the mint would smell stronger for a more refreshing experience!

So, after the mask was removed, I washed my face again using water only before slapping on toner and moisturizer. The aftermath - quite good and satisfactory. My skin felt soft and supple. It could be due to the collagen in it!

Me lurve, will buy again!

The next mask is Sakura Whitening Mask.

Remember I told you how insane I am towards the idea or shrinking my enlarged pores? So, anything that has something to do with pores will straightaway strike my interest!

Blame it on the hormones that I bought so many masks! Guardian Midvalley is having promotion for My Beauty Diary Masks now!

This mask smells better - flowery if you'd want me to describe. I'm not pure about the pore purifying part but I guess it does do it's job because after ditching the mask, my pores look less obvious. Well, I've to use it religiously to achieve the result I want!

The last mask is the eye masks.

A lot of us only started using eye masks or taking care of the areas around our eyes when we notice crow feet or wrinkles around our eyes and heck, I'm not exception, especially lately that I've to deal with so many stresses.

I've been using these eye masks for quite a while and I have to say, I love these masks! LOLX! They're like one of the best eye masks around!

I love the tingly sensation upon application and yes, the result can be clearly seen after the first treatment where my dark circles were obviously reduced!

I went back and bought the whole box, again! I know I'm wasting the moo-lah but I need these masks! I'm terrified of wrinkles!

Well, I'm gonna have to go back and get the third box soon!

Hey, I kid you not that I'm using facial and eye masks on everyday basis nowadays. At least, these things keep me happy and for a few minutes or so, I won't need to worry about the issues.

Lemme show you my naked face!

Yes, no foundation, concealer or anything! My dark circles have been really tedious that even friends have been commenting on that! Hence, this product really helps diminishing my dark circles!

Pardon me for the big ol' pimple on my nose. I'm trying to get rid of the pimples because lately, I've been having outbreak due to the weather and also stresses. My Scheming also has Herbal Anti-Acne Mask and yes, again, I did purchase few of them since I don't get pimples everyday.

Finally... if you wanna look glamourous, just slap on your foundation, concealer, blusher, eyeshadow, eyeliner and finishing powder - off you go!

I'm not wearing any foundation in the picture above, hence, I've gotta say, these masks work wonders on my skincare routine!

Gotta love them!


crazypoplock said...

I'm trying out the mint mask from the my scheming line and lemme tell u, it feels like i have an ice pack on, on my face! its cold... not a mask for winters thats for sure LOL.

Angel Valerie said...

Hi there, thanks for dropping by. OMG, it does sound so nice! I don't know why I did not feel the superb tingly sensation upon application. Perhaps I've got thicker skin. Hahaha!