Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eyelash extension

I am hyper!

I can't believe after I've been raving about going for eyelash extension for years, finally, I am going to do it and best of all, I've company from Dewgem!

Further more, after I've seen Mimi with her gorgeous eyelash extension, the thought stirred me up for quite some time that I have to go and get my non-noticeable Asian eyelashes extended!

No, it's not that I don't like my existing eyelashes, it's just that these eyelashes are super short and there are times when I'm so damn lazy to apply mascara or even to stick false eyelashes. I do have like 5 to 6 boxes full of false eyelashes but, you know me, lazy!

Gosh, thank you, Dewgem for letting me know such a great deal!

So, for a limited period, Nail de Beauty at Kota Damansara is having great deal of Natural Eyelash Extension + Hand Massage with Whitening Therapy worth RM158 for only RM58. Imagine that! On top of that, you'll be getting a RM50 worth of service voucher!

If you're interested, click here!

There's only ONE, SATU, 一,YAT, HANA day left for you to buy it, so please, don't miss it if you're interested to try out eyelash extension!

Till then, I'll update soon once the eyelash extension is done!


Isabel said...

Reply :
Ngek ngek ngek.. I also went to a warehouse sale and bought Clinelle stuff xD Nope. Never try b4. But I heard it's troublesome lo. When some drops off you gotta pay for 'refills' and they're not cheap. Also, you cant use oil based makeup remover so you can't use eyeliners or tough eyeshadows =(

Angel Valerie said...

I heard about all that but unfortunately, my fingers, mind and heart went to different directions, hence, I bought the promotional voucher. Mad, I know but... I would really love to try it out!

Aiks... how come you always have so many 'lobangs' to get great stuffs? Yer...

Isabel said...

hahaha 'lobang'?! no lah.. DKSH sales. my dad said there's one a few times every year