Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goodies, goodies!

I've been going in and out or Stage so much that I think all the BCs there know me so well. Hahaha... Let's say I'm getting more famous there.

Hauled few items there - again.

No, not for me! Hauled for mum, sister and friends.

So, now, time to show you what I have!

I might be going back there for the last time to get few other things before sales end on 28th of this month. So, if you're lemming towards their goodies, head to your nearest outlet now! The RM18 bonanza is gonna end soon!

If you're Stage virgin and you don't know what you should get there. Here's my list!

1. Liquid Foundation - be it Photo Pro or Picture Perfect, just any one of them!

2. Concealer Jar - they are great for covering up dark circles!

3. Eyeliner Pencil - waterproof, alright?

4. Wonderlust Lipstick - super moisturizing and nice selection of colours!

5. Glitter Liner - I love the wand and also the brush!

Other than those things, you may want to pass. Well, those are just my opinions. You can get the whole collection if you want. No harm. Stage's products are great to work with but I'm not really into single eyeshadows, so, not much comments on them.

So, let's see... I'll be getting probably their glitter eyeliner, their concealer and also their foundation before the sales end.

By the way, just so you don't know... I'm lemming towards these items too. Hopefully they are still available by the time sprees are opened!

The bigger palette retails for USD$10 while the smaller one retails for USD$5. I want the smaller one actually! LOLX!


Isabel said...

Urgh wanna read your blog but today's connection is so bad! I can't load 80% of your page. where's the follow button anyway? Dunno if it's my connection or I'm blind =_= Btw, this blog is not listed in your profile! lol

Reply : Hahaha no way.. It takes more to be one of them xD Like learning to speak some Jap (I'm hopeless at learning new languages =_=)

These are Colourvue Blue 3 tone lenses. I got them from Malaya Optical. Not sure if you can get them online o_O

Angel Valerie said...

Hahahaha... no problem. I update my blog like every day or maybe every alternate days. I ramble a lot even in real life. LOLX!

Hahaha... LOLX... I didn't list it in my profile back then because there was a jerk who taunted my blog back then, so, I shut down my old blog like 4 yrs back n re-set up a new one. Haha.

You know, I ditched Japanese classes back there during my degree years. Hahaha... I was supposed to do Level 2 but I didn't want to. Instead, I opted for Korean.

LOLX... I'll put up the followers thingy.

I should be going to the optician anytime soon! I just got a new pair of colour lenses from a local optical and hopefully they'll do good. I can't wear those lenses online because my eyes are very sensitive these days. Previously, they were good but don't know after quite some time of long-wearing period, my eyes will start to twitch and itch.

Isabel said...

Hahah! SAme here.. I usually update everyday but lately have gotten lazy =_=

Well, at least you can still speak a foreign language! I don't even know Mandarin..

Thx.. Have followed you LOL I thought I was really so blur until I didn't see it.

Hey!! You should go get your eye checked! I had the same problem and it turned out to be conjunctivitis. Zzz.. Should be caused by Geo lenses but the guy told me could be caused by any lens, doesn't mean the lens is bad. Just that my eye is 'allergic' to it. After about 4 hours, my eyes feel itchy then when I blink, the lens moves up (the lumps under my lid were pulling it). Then when I remove the lens, I keep blinking as and it gets watery =(

Angel Valerie said...

My case somehow different. Went to checked already. The doctor told me to avoid wearing lenses for more than 6 hours but sometimes, you've to wear them. Just like CNY, I wore the lenses for 12 hours!