Monday, February 14, 2011

Collective haul and updates

Update 1

I'm finally done with my Chapter 1, 2 and 3 of my thesis, submitted them and now, working hard to gather data so that I'll be able to graduate by this semester. Please pray for me, people that I'll be doing good!

I gotta submit few forms next week, so, please, please, dear God, please let everything goes well and smoothly for me.

Update 2

CNY holidays are coming to an end already hence, I'll be flying back to KL tonight and thus, my sucky life begins from tomorrow onwards - no more of home's warmth and comfort until the next time I'll be coming home again but, when?

Update 3

Gahhh... Post CNY weight gain is traumatizing me! Yes, I've gained 2 to 3kg during CNY and I need to shed these weights off or else I'll look like a pig in heat! I hate weight gains! If I'm born with a body to die for, I won't be needing to diet but unfortunately, I'm someone who gains weight easily. FML!

Update 4

This time around, I'm feeling very emotional. Pre-home-leaving feeling, plus after getting news after news that more and more friends are either getting engaged or married. It scares the hell out of me that I'm not getting any younger and that people have started asking, "Where is your boyfriend? I don't believe you're still a single!"

I'm going to shut all the windows and door so that nobody could come anywhere near me to throw those kinda questions or statements at me!

Hey, I still considered myself, young, okay?!

# # # # #

Done with updates and now, comes the real stuffs!

Now, tell me, which one of girls out there that is NOT interested in shopping? Of course with the condition that you can afford to shop. Well... if you can't afford to shop all the times like those rich ones, there always are SALES!

Sales' time is the best time to stock up your stuffs and I mean it!

Well, other than sales, there is always another alternative for you to get cheaper stuffs, provided you have friends outstation. Ah, I'm counting my blessings! A friend of mine brought back few stuffs from taobao, China for me and guess what? All these don't even exceed RM80!!!

Yes, earrings and hair clips! I love earrings and there is no mistake about it! The collection looks so pretty hanging in my room right now! Imma gonna bring all these to KL with me later!

Other than these earrings, I've decided to try out other beauty related products from Shills. If you don't know, Shills is Taiwanese brand. They have skincare, beauty and other products! I've been setting my eyes on the Miss Perfect Pore Balm and also Pore Hide and Heal Cream. I'm totally sold to cute packagings!

I wanted Benefit's Dr. Feelgood initially but afterwards, I changed my mind after getting a friend's review that it might feel oily on oily-combination skin like mine. Plus, the price of Dr. Feelgood wards me off!

Hence, I bought 2 Pore Hide and Heal Cream with 1 Miss Perfect Pore Balm. Up to this point of time, I have NOT regretted getting them because they're awesome!

This stuff is GREAT, I tell you, it is GREAT. I should have buy more than just 2. I should stock up while I can!

I have yet to try out this thing, hence shall talk about both of them in later entry!

The last thing from taobao is this...

Well, this balm smells like... strawberry! Hahaha... It's strawberry lip balm, alright, what do you expect?!

I have also gotten my parcels from Cherry Culture and NYX Cosmetics hauls finally, after waiting for 2 months or so!

This time around, I've gotten more lip glosses than other products - I'm such a b*tch! LOLX! I love lip glosses!

For the price of RM8++ for this LA Colors lip gloss, this colour is gorgeous even though it is not as pigmented as other products.

Oh, I did get a jar of NYX Lip Lacquer Pot in Sweet Pea!

I love this baby and I'll be considering to get more of the same products but different shades once I'm done with this one - very pigmented and two thumbs up!

Last but not least... more glitters!

NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Bronze Goddess. Oh... if you don't know, I love glitters nowadays. I don't know what have gotten into me but yeah... I adore glitters these days!

Words cannot describe how gorgeous and beautiful this palette is!

Best of all, all NYX products are bought at 50% discount!

Products from ELF Makeup and Cosmetics came just recently as well! Spree was crazy because everything was offered at 50% discount. That means, if the item was USD$1, after discount, it was USD$0.50 only! How can you resist this temptation?

After craving for ELF's new shimmer pencils, I've finally gotten 4 of them!

Then, there are more brushes!

My very first stippling brush and also another powder blush that works great as stippling brush. LOLX! I contradict myself!

I love these brushes so, so much. Honestly, I love majority of ELF brushes! They all work fine even though they are a buck each only!

Final two products from ELF...

Last but not least... haul from Stage Cosmetics - RM18 each!

My best buy from Stage Cosmetics - eyelash curler!

I thought of wanting to get Shu Uemura's eyelash curler but since the price is at hefty RM68 or more... I've decided to skip it and be satisfied for Stage's because I read reviews that this thing works better for Asian eyelashes!

Well, it came out as one of the best buys in 2010 in Women's Weekly and best of all at only RM35 only!

As of now, I gotta go and resume packing for my trip back to KL.

Goodbye home and hello, KL!

Oh, before that... one last picture of the un-vain version of me!

No makeup, no whatsoever and in my pajamas! LOLX! Yes, I was holding my friend's bridal bouquet, hence it means, it's my turn to get married next year!


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