Monday, January 24, 2011

Revlon Color Silk Luminista

I've been too much CNY shopping lately that I'm in bankruptcy mode.

I went to Tangs at Pavilion last week and hauled a great lotsa stuffs from their Disney collection. I mean, duh... hello... DISNEY, okay? The price ranges from RM59.90 to RM189.90 and honestly, who would even think of hauling anything from there if you've gotta pay RM189.90 for a pair of jeans? Okay, maybe it's just me - Imma cheapskate sometimes.

Still, I pretty much bought everything in sight.

Best deal ever, 70% off each item!!!

So, imagine the original price is like RM930 and I get a 70% off?

I finally bought my first ever SKINNY JEANS from DISNEY!

Originally priced at RM139.90 and after discount, it's RM42 and can you tell me it's not worth it or not? The material is super comfortable!

Lemme show you my big butt!

The tee is sold at RM59.90 before discount, hence, if you're interested, head down to Tangs now, now, now!!! The sales will be on until 4th of February, I guess.

And best of all... if you get your Disney jeans, you can die and go to heaven straight away.

Imma wearing a size 27 jeans? Did I kid you not? Stupid sister got a size in 25 and she was over the moon and screaming to everyone, "I'm wearing a size 25 jeans!"

Hahahaha... Again, I went for a 3D movie at TGV at a freaking RM20 per head.

Lesson of the day - Never ever go for 3D movie because it's freaking annoying having these 3D glasses on and if you lose it, you've gotta pay RM100 for it. Further more, it's expensive and after the movie, you're probably gonna get a headache like me!

Anyway, this entry isn't going to be something about Disney or jeans or movie, it's about hair. Yes, baby, it's all about my hair!

All of a sudden, I'm feeling like I'm an incarnation of human being and golden retriever because you know what, instead of ending up with ash blonde hair, I ended up having golden hair.

The product I used was Revlon Color Silk Luminista this time around.

I don't know if you can see the shade I've used but if you can't, here you go, another picture of the packaging.

Can you see it? It's in 175 Medium Blonde but heck... my hair is gold, gold! Scarily gold! I don't know if you're used to seeing me with gold hair instead of dark brown or black hair, but it terrified me the other day when I looked at my own reflection in the mirror!

I mean, duh... I did went like super gold few years back before starting my university days and the colour was freaking scary that dad asked me to dye my hair back to black or dark brown the following week!

Well... this time around, the colour is yes, gold but not worse than last time and it's fairly acceptable, except the fact that I haven't been having medium gold hair for like 6 years already!

If you have yet to notice the colour from my first picture of this entry... here goes...

I did something that is totally stupid... After I dyed my hair, I kinda forgotten I had hair dye on and I left it on for a freaking 2 hours and this is the end result! The root is more gold than the ends... but... I guess it'll fade in few more days - hopefully.

Stupid sister used the same shade but she left it on for one hour or so, hence this is her colour as of now.

She went like, "Hey, I love my fringe after dyeing my hair!"

Yes, credits to haircare products from d Hair Shop. Check out their products, girls - they have a whole different range of haircare products depending on your hair types!

I'm deeply in love with their moisis, satine and also d' Therapist range - seriously. I thought to myself, "Shit... my hair is gonna fall again after dyeing!" but I was wrong, their products are amazing! My hair feels so soft even 3 days after dyeing it!!!

However, their products are not widely available all over Malaysia. If you hail from KL, lucky you because you can grab their products at Midvalley and Pavilion. Now, they're having RM0.88++ sales, hence, if you wanna restock your haircare products, head there now! I mean, immediately!

My takes on Revlon Color Silk Lumista


  • Not dripping, which is great, since it's in gel form.

  • Affordable price - RM22.80 after 10% discount from Watson.

  • No ammonia, as being stated on the packaging.

  • Cons

  • Insufficient product for girls with shoulder-lengthed or a little bit longer hair.

  • Might be kinda coarse after dyeing if you skipped using it's conditioner.

  • Colour not true to the packaging - like always.

  • Price

    RM22.80 or so.

    Will I buy it again?

    I might consider trying other colours, but not now.

    So, have you tried this product? How does it work for you?


    Elouise said...

    I like the end result in your sister's hair :") Yours is pretty but i can't pull of blonde hair, Hehe. Was her hair black before dyeing it? Cause i have black hair (with super red tint under lights) Hope you reply. Thankyou! :-D

    Angel Valerie said...

    Hello! Sorry for replying late :)

    Hahaha... she used the same dye as me. Her initial hair colour was a bit reddish brown before dyeing it to the colour you're seeing in the picture.

    I guess if you have black hair, most probably you'll get similar result as mine but I left it on for 2 hours. Hahaha... I totally forgot time passed so quickly. You can try putting the dye on for an hour like my sister did.

    Hopefully it helps!

    beautyeditorwannabe said...

    hi! just want to give you a tip, if you want ash blonde/med blonde hair like the pic in the box (if you're dark haired) it is advisable to bleach your hair first to a light shade(preferably when it becomes light yellow)rinse, dry and then apply the dye after so you can get the blonde color that you want...otherwise you will just end up with a red/golden color :) i like your end color though! it suits you!

    Angel Valerie said...

    Aww, babe, thanks for dropping by! Yeah, I do know I have to bleach my hair but erm... I don't wanna bleach it because few years back, I tried bleaching and it left my hair in horrendous situation for half a year!

    Thanks, thanks!