Friday, February 19, 2010

Post CNY and V-Day

I know I should be blogging about what I did during my first, second and third day or CNY but then again, I've decided to skip that since I have no intention of sharing any pictures with anyone right at this point of time.

I'm so emo, okay?

I know, I've been emo-ing for God-knows-how-long but I don't ask the emo mode to be turned on. It came to be unwillingly.

Just a day before CNY and V-Day this year, all of a sudden, I felt the loneliness. It struck me how much I wish I would be attached on this very day but I know that day will not come anytime so soon because as usual, perhaps, I'm not ready to commit and secondly, I have yet to meet with the other person who would sweep me off my feet!

Bah... I shouldn't be talking about all these but I really am feeling it. The other night, I was talking to Sharon about V-Day. Both of us wish so much that we'd be getting roses on V-Day by the other person but we have to agree that it'll not be happening to either one of us anytime soon because obviously, there are no guys who are interested in us.

Sad but true.

Anyhow, even so, I don't think my life will be dependent on whether I have my other half or not. I still have so many unfinished businesses to attend to, in which, they are far more important than getting myself attached!

For now, only now, I'll quit emo-ing and go to bed!


Auntie Aimi said...


Being attached is over-rated. haha. No, really. It's just one of life's elements. If it's here for you, embrace it :) But if it's not the time yet, there so much more in life to be thankful for. :)

Enjoy being single while you can. ;)
"I just haven't met you yet~~"

Sirius B said...

Auntie Aimi is right. Roses and chocolate on V-day is overrated. I went on a solo trip out of KL during CNY and V-day and left the bf for awhile. It's good.

I note that your blog entries are mostly contradicting - you want someone to be attached to but you dont really need it. Isn't it wonderfully contradicting?

I especially hate the negative statement on your blog header. It is so fucking depressing. Maybe you can't help it, I dont know. Some artistic people thrive on pain and depression to give them ideas. The more pain and depression they get, the better the words flow. I used to be one too :P Hahahaha... It's fucked up but those were the years when I wrote alot of good stuff. Totally need the emo bit to feeeeeel... you know what I mean. You're smart and clever and probably thriving on something that you should not.

So here's something that I'd like to recommend. The book that changed how I look at mindset capabilities. It changed my life for the better because I achieved greatly more after. Hahaha... I am go getter. Most people will tell you to get a life but I am only telling you to go get a book. THAT book that changed my life.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

I hope it will change your perspectives for the better.

IF after you read it, you feel like you still dont get the point and continue whining, emo-ing, that's really up to you. :D Afterall, it's YOUR life. Only YOU can decide and choose to be HAPPY.


Angel Valerie said...

thanks, everyone, for dropping by once again!

there are times when i do contradict myself. i for once, am a very weird person if u were to ask me. i can desperately want something and also hate it at the same time.

hahaha... sirius, u're right, im in an art field and constantly need new ideas!

the best thing about being me, i might be wholly depressed right now but u can be a totally happy me in the next hour.

thanks for sharing!