Monday, December 7, 2009


Sibu is so goddamn boring lor...

All of a sudden, it hit me like a series of tidal waves that how in the world did I manage to live through my childhood up to my teenage years in a small town with no entertainment at all? I awe at myself sometimes.

After being at KL for more than 4 years now, everything feels so damn different every time I get home during holidays.

I guess you can put it in a way that time and tide wait for no man and here I am, going in accordance with the flow of time and enjoying every moment of it although I do feel the tense of friends getting married these days but that just doesn't bother me. I have much more important things to do right now, at this point of life.

But seriously, Sibu is dead boring.

Where is everybody?

Like seriously, nobody is around at Sibu any longer and I've got nothing better and no one better to hang out with. My life is damn boring can die...

Sigh... All of a sudden, I do miss KL quite a bit.

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