Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Post Christmas

Yes, correct, Christmas is over but here I am, updating a little about how I spent my Christmas, what I've gotten for Christmas and also the post Christmas feelings that I'm having on. Christmas is supposed to be the best time of the year but however, this year, I'm so feeling the loneliness due to every soul around me being superbly busy with their works and studies.

Sigh, never mind the ramble, I'm quite used to it already.

Anyway, I've finally spent my Christmas in the church this year, after 4 years of being absent from church during this day of obligation! I'm truly proud of myself as I have reminded myself that I will turn over a new leaf - going back to being a true Catholic, instead of just Sunday-Catholic. I've made a promise to myself that I will NOT miss any Sunday masses or even days of obligations.

I felt good after that!

On top of that, I did some pre-CNY shopping with my sister and some friends with myself ending up getting the MOST-EST EXPENSIVE-EST Christmas present ever for myself! OMFG, can you believe I spent so much on myself?!

I've been eyeing on the sperm watch of this guy baby for so freaking long already and finally, I am pregnant. Now, I'm practically married to him it and no more a single.

Confusing, aye?


Yes, that is my baby! I'm married, finally married! Congratulate me, people! I don't need a real-living guy now! Time is precious! Yes, it damn is!

Call me a shopping and drama queen because...

I was born in heels!

I love Cotton-On now! They have the best slogans ever!

LOL! I'll cut the crap for now... Hahaha... I've also gotten something that I've been wanting to buy for quite some time already too - Pashmina shawl! God loves me so, so much that he sent me this gift via Sharon!

Thanks, Sharon dear, for your wonderful shawl and also scarf!

Like last year, my brother bought me a Christmas gift but he went a little over the limit this time by getting something that is so, so freaking expensive!

An eyeshadow palette under Macquillage from Shiseido! I know the colours are gorgeous but I wasn't even expecting this from him. I guess he knows what his sister's preferances are! Although we always argue over the simplest and smallest issue, still, he never fails to bribe me with his gifts. LOL!

Bet he's cursing me now after reading this!

Finally, the gift that I've been taking with me everywhere I go since the day I've gotten it...

My lucky dove! Yes, it's red and it means prosperity! Me and my love for money! I never change, okay? Money will never betray you and leave you for some other guy or girl but a human being, be it your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, they will under certain circumstances!


What the heck is wrong with me?! I crap too much sometimes. Now, this is the result of being too emotional. I ought to go out there and have some fun!

I will consider going clubbing some days soon - in desperate need for a noisy environment and maybe the company of few MUSCULAR HUNKS to make me forget my worries and problems!

Aiks, I'm out of topic! Let's divert ya'll back, shall we?

Okay, my lucky dove - given by somebody whom his presence is always close to my heart but I doubt he knows or not. Nevertheless, it doesn't matter because I have a life to lead here.

I've been QUITE lucky since I've gotten this dove!

Got through my exam with all the good grades and also spent my meaningful weekends with him until the day I got back to KL. Spent enough time with the parents and all. Guess this is really my lucky Christmas gift this year!

Anyway, need to catch some sleep! Going to do abrupt ending!

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