Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, hello 2010!

Yet, this is another time of the year that all of us should reminisce what we have done for the whole year until this very day.

We shall not dwell over the past now and let me share with you what I want to do throughout 2010 since I've mentioned that I wanna turn over a NEW leaf.
  1. Going to church every Sunday and NEVER miss out on days of obligations. I finally decided God does love us more than anyone else and He is the one that gives us the loves and blessings around us. He is the almighty.
  2. Be more serious towards my work and study without questioning my own abilities.
  3. Getting a permanent job and earn enough bucks so that I can spend each holiday at the places I really want to be at.
  4. LOSE WEIGHT, baby, lose weight! It's always been on the top notch of the list for years but now, it's on No. 4, what happened? No, I am not going to embrace the fact that I'm fat, okay? I still need to lose like 20 to 25kg if possible. It will not be a problem if I'm stick-thin.
  5. Spending more time with my parents. Throughout the years, I've always feel that they should do a lot of things for me since I'm their daughter but now, I come to realization that being a daughter, it's my responsibility to take care of them now, instead of still having them to take care of me after living for quarter of the century.
  6. Be a happier person without even having to care even if the world ends.
  7. Lastly, if God permits, I really would love to meet the man of my dream this year.
Geez... I only have 7 resolutions? Seems to me that I've been lowering my expectations each year. Well, I'm not sure if this is good or not but it doesn't matter since less is more.

Sigh... for my resolution number 4, I really am hoping I'd get sponsor even though I know it's a total crap to be able to find even one sponsor. I need help! Liposuction works for me too if any of those sponsors out there is to fish for an experiment!

Anyway, gotta go now. Since I couldn't get a date on New Year, I'll date my sister instead.


Auntie Aimi said...

Hi :)

I read in Reader says that it helps if we specify how we are going to achieve our goals... make sure you know how, when, what, where and what if's -- to lose weight.

If goals are vague, it's hard for us to achieve them!

Angel Valerie said...

Dear Aimi,

Thanks for dropping by for a comment. I truly appreciate it.

Yeah, this year, I'm planning to make everything on the list happen exception for the last one, in which it needs fate and destiny to happen.

Thanks again for sharing!