Friday, November 13, 2009

The curse of 2009

2009 for me is full of unfortunate events - so unfortunate to the point you will NOT believe all these happened to me.

I hate my life.

It's like, all of a sudden, everything is slowly and steadily turning upside down for me. It progresses one step at a time, in the matter of second.

I guess, finally, perhaps, Somebody up there, is giving up His blessings on me since I've not been counting my blessings all these years - it could be due to my ungratefulness towards the blessings He's given me or maybe, it's just I've not been a humble and kind person all these whiles.


Why do all these happen to me at the time I needed blessings the most? Is it because I've been counting the chickens before they hatch?

I am depressed, sad and tired.

I'm pretty disappointed with myself honestly. I want to let go of everything if possible and hide away from all the troubles by going away to another place where nobody knows me or even people around me.

2009 is indeed a CURSED year for me because everything just doesn't go smoothly and whatever I did, there must be a certain blockage to prevent me to go further. Situations like these are total BULLSHIT and nothing else!

I need a new life, goddammit!

1 comment:

clara8050 said...

Huggss Huggss..
Everything will be fine next year..
Be strong dear..
This is what you told me when i was down during my 3rd Year of Uni..
Now u also need to be strong..