Sunday, October 4, 2009

The progress so far...

There are times when I come to think of how my life actually started off to where I am standing now, I can't help but to feel somehow pathetic about the whole thing.

Just like right, I'm facing my laptop, blogging while having my mind all on my assignments that are going to due in another 4 more days.

Progress 1 - only 1683 out of 12000 words and 4 more days to doom's day!

I can't help it but another part of me is worrying about the lecture I'm going to deliver on Wednesday, in which I need to prepare around 30 to 35 slides to accommodate the 3 hours' class from 9am to 12pm and guess what? I haven't done a single thing!

Progress 2 - done nothing and 3 more days to doom's day!

Then again, I've my thesis proposal to submit in another 12 days while for the presentation of the proposal, it will be held in 11 days.

Progress 3 - done nothing, have yet to come up with a topic and 12 days to doom's day!

Progress 4 - done nothing, have yet to know how to present and 11 days to doom's day!

All in all, I have to start worrying about my final examination that is going to be held in another 1 more month, in which I have not started with any of my damn revision yet.

Argh... I'm damn stressed now!

This doesn't help much when I'm still down with a backache. Yeah, it's gotten better but still, I can't sit for very long as being directed.

My life is a bitch!!!

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