Monday, October 5, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival

I thought my birthday was the worst day of my life this year but it turned up that this year's Mid-Autumn Festival was worse than my birthday and I so freaking don't like it at all... We were all supposed to go out for a celebration but somehow, at the very last minute, a lot of plans came in, so we ended up celebrating the day at home with home-cooked dishes.

All because I couldn't leave my laptop and need to finish my ASSignment. I hate assignments. I vow, after this, no matter how the parents are going to bribe me to continue my studies once again, I tell you, I will never do it ever, ever, ever again!

Suja came to join us for dinner and the celebration in which, according to a source which wanted to remain anonymous, during the mid-autumn festival, we must eat yams with chestnuts for health and good luck.

Now... why have I never even come across this thing even though I've been born to this world for the past quarter of the century? LOL!

Anyway, gotta go. A lot of things to do and I bet after this, you'll see a mad Angel walking around the town. Wish me luck and health, people, so that I will not be dead at the end of the semester!

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