Monday, August 17, 2009

Volcanic desire

Not a good one...

Even the face-lifting charcoal mask won't help this time!

Maybe it could be because of my catching-up age that I get angry pretty fast these days even over minor or petty issues.

This morning, I had a volcanic desire to strangle and slap two stupid customers who happened to be tenants at Menara Hap Seng.

Fuck them! They can stick their smelly head into the toilet bowls for being so freaking stupid!

Lemme tell you what happened... I was standing at the counter, taking orders as usual when a lady came in after talking to her friend who was smoking outside.

Stupid Lady A : I want the breakfast set. One Venti Mocha with Sausage Omelet Sandwich.
Smart Me : I'm sorry, miss but the Mocha doesn't come under the breakfast set but you can choose between a latte or a regular coffee.
Stupid Lady A : How come? Then, I don't want the sandwich, just make it a Venti Mocha.
Smart Me : Okay.
Stupid Lady A : I'm a tenant, got discount, right?

After quite some time...

Stupid Lady A : What is this? Coffee Jelly Frappucino? Is it nice? Oh, I want that.
Smart Me : How about your Mocha?
Stupid Lady A : Change it to TWO Venti Coffee Jelly Frappucinos.
Smart Me : Oh, okay.

*dap, dap, dap*

Smart Me : Altogether, it's RM26.90 after your tenant discount.
Stupid Lady A : Okay.
Smart Me : I've received your RM50 and your change is RM23.10, here you go!

Five minutes later after which her stupid smoking friend came in...

Stupid Lady A : I said I wanted one Venti Mocha with one Venti Coffee Jelly Frappucino.
Smart Me : ..................................................
Stupid Lady A : You have to change it for me.

Damn... you see... I've already punched in her orders and even given back her change and that stupid lady wanted to change her stupid orders? I had to call my manager to re-punch in her stupid orders.

Stupid Lady A : Yes, one Venti Mocha with one Venti Coffee Jelly Frappucino, remember my tenant discount.
Smart Me : Okay, you stupid bitch!

There I was, punching in her NEW order after her previous order was voided. Fuck the stupid lady!

After which I've keyed in her NEW order the second time, her stupid friend joined into the conversation with her stupid words!

Stupid Lady B : Make it a Tall Mocha then, I don't want a Venti.
Smart Me : (losing myself but holding on) Okay...

*dap, dap, dap*

Smart Me : It'd be...
Stupid Lady B : You know what, just make it a Grande Mocha.

Fuck you, you stupid ladies! Don't you know it was all because of your stupid indecisiveness that I had to do refund and was voided so many times? If you don't even know how to place orders, go to normal kopitiam and drink your coffee kao for just RM2 or something!

I feel damn geram lor, okay? If I wasn't working at that time, I would be cursing those two stupid-lady-who-think-they-are-superior to death!

That was incident one. Lemme tell you about incident two, in which it got on my nerve as well.

Smart Me : Your order would just be a Tall Raspberry Blackcurrant Frappucino?
Stupid Guy : Yes, that's all.
Smart Me : It's RM12.10, sir.
Stupid Guy : (handed me his platinum HSBC credit card)

Just as soon as I swiped the card, all of a sudden, he added an order...

Stupid Guy : Key in this one as well.
Smart Me : Dammit Can I key in this transaction first since it's already punched in?
Stupid Guy : No, no, no, no... Put them under the same bill, don't separate them.

The thing is... as soon as the customer confirms his or her orders, we cannot add or deduct any item unless we void the cashier - that's not a good thing but I know some stupid customers, love it and always say, "Do you think it's my problem? Void your cashier if you have to."

These kinda customers can straight away die and go to hell rather than surviving on the face of the Earth to annoy and irritate people.

First of all, these customers, they never work as Baristas before, so, they don't know what kinda training we went through just to make their simplest cup of beverages! They didn't know what kinda troubles we have to go through just for them to take a sip of their favourite beverages.

All they know is, "My rights, my rights and my rights."

Fuck your rights. I will only tolerate if you are right but like the two instances above, they were at wrong since they very beginning for being indecisive!

Can you just be a little more considerate and CONFIRM your order. If you're indecisive, don't order anything and stop giving Baristas problems and headaches and even prolonging your time in the queue. If you love it so much to be the center of attention, just strip yourself and dance in front of the cafe!

I don't give a fuck about what kinda action they're going to take against me but then again, since I'm quitting, who cares? Fuck you and go to hell, you stupid people!

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